With the summertime quickly approaching, you will want to ensure that your air conditioning/cooling system is working perfectly! You don’t want to end up a sweaty mess laying on your couch trying to cool yourself down with a handheld fan.

So if you, like thousands of other Tulsa Oklahoma residents, are looking for a reliable service provider who can offer Tulsa HVAC services, look no further! There is a new company in town, and its name is Snow Bear Heat & Air! Snow Bear Heat & Air first started in Amarillo Texas. This is where they get their feet on the ground and take off running! Because they provided all their clients with memorable experiences, services, and 100% financing, they quickly grew! Because of their success, they have been able to expand their company and now serves not only Amarillo Texas, but neighboring cities/towns such as Bushland, Channing, Dawn, Goodnight, Happy, Lubbock, Pampa, Dumas, Vega, Littlefield, Waco, Canyon, Levelland, Wichita Falls, and Panhandle Texas. They offer their services to many other cities in Texas!

They have also opened their first office in Tulsa Oklahoma! While there are already Tulsa HVAC providers in Tulsa, Snow Bear Heat and Air saw a competitive market, and needs that weren’t being met! So they moved to Tulsa Oklahoma. They are an excellent company to work with! They offer general HVAC services as well as: Air conditioning, Tulsa heat repair, Heat pumps, Tulsa AC Repair, Commercial HVAC, Continual Maintenance plans, and 100% financing! If you are working with Snow Bear Heat and Air for the first time, then we will only charge you $7 for your first service charge! You’ll get to experience the high dollar experience and services we offer, without having to pay a high dollar price!

So if you own a home or commercial building, there is no doubt that you are looking for a trustworthy Tulsa HVAC provider. Give us a try today! You won’t regret it! And if we just don’t seem to be the right fit, then you’re only out $7! However, after our service technician comes to your home or business property and provides the standard diagnosis check on your HVAC system, and you love our work ethic, services, and prices, then we can schedule another appointment, and provide you with our action plan!

If there’s anything that has to do with, Heat pumps, heating systems, air conditioning, Commercial HVAC systems, General HVAC systems, or financing, our team is the best suited for the job! Sometimes when things/parts tend to break down, is when we’re least expecting it! So if your air filtration system or air conditioning just stopped working for no reason, or is only blowing out warm air, you may not have the finances readily available. Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC offers 100% financing. If financing is something you’re interested in, we’ll help walk you through the process!

Tulsa HVAC Company That Has Financing!

You can even start the application process for financing online! However, if you’d like one of our technicians to help you through each step, we’d be more than happy to! Our financing is really broken down into three tiers. If you qualify for financing, you will fall under one of the three categories. Each tier offers different financing/payment plans and is entirely based upon your credit. The first tier is SuperPrime, which provides the most helpful payment plans. SuperPrime is for qualified buyers who have excellent credit! The second tier is PrimePlus. PrimePlus still offers payment plans, but they may not be as great of options as SuperPrime. However you still have payment options available, but the benefits won’t be as great! The third tier is our Standard tier. Both of the last two tiers offer payment options to those who need financing, but the benefits and payment plans won’t be as great. 

Why would you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air? Well with their new office located in Tulsa Oklahoma, they’ll be able to provide local Tulsa HVAC services. You’ll have peace and comfort in knowing that at any time  you can call them! With their 24/7 service whether you need them at 2:00 pm, or 2:00 am, if there’s an emergency, they’ll be at your doorstep ready to help!

Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC services make any repair, maintenance, or HVAC emergency easier on your family! That is a result of low prices and 100% financing! For any first time customers, they will only charge $7 for their first service fee! And then afterward, if this expense caught you off guard, and you don’t have the money easily available to replace your HVAC system, they will help you apply for, and get set up with a payment plan and 100% financing.

Whenever you’re working with a new company or service provider, you’ll want to ensure they are the best! You’ll be in great hands with Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC technicians. There are not only the highest-rated and most reviewed HVAC technicians in Amarillo Texas, but they’ll be the same in the city of Tulsa Oklahoma. That is a result of excellent service, great attitudes, hard work, and prices that won’t break the bank!

We want to ensure this entire process is as simple and painless as possible. So the next time your heat goes out, or your air conditioning system is doing everything but what it’s intended to do, contact Snow Bear Heat and Air today! Because of our 24/7 services, you can call us anytime time of day or night. And we will quickly dispatch our service technicians to your home, or commercial property. We truly care about the results and efficiency of how well your hvac systems work. This is why we also provide our customers with a maintenance plan that goes into detail about what repairs need to be made, how often you need to have your systems checked, and little tips and tricks you can do to expand the lifetime of your system. So contact us today, and we’ll schedule you an appointment which will only cost you $7!