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With the cost of home heating fuel constantly on the rise, there’s never been a better time to explore alternative means of heating your home.

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The owners of the Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa are located at 11646 e 51st st, Tulsa OK. They have many years of experience in creating, growing, and managing multiple companies! They have decided to join the Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa team because they saw a need in Tulsa Oklahoma that was not being met by most other Tulsa HVAC companies! So together they decided to open up Tulsa Oklahoma’s first Snow Bear Heat and Air.

The owners realized that there was an excellent market for a Tulsa HVAC Repair and a great need for an excellent Tulsa Heat and Air company! The City of Tulsa Oklahoma needed a company that all homeowners could rely on for all their Tulsa HVAC needs.

The residents of the city of Tulsa needed a  heat and air company who could provide them excellent and reliable service, and install/repair HVAC systems that can keep up with the drastic weather changes in Oklahoma.

So once they learned the opportunity was available to purchase a Snow Bear heat and Air Tulsa franchise, they took the next step! However, in order to provide excellent Heat and Air services, you need a trustworthy team.

So Jonathan Kelly took a few team members and drove to Amarillo Texas to take all the proper certifications and tests to become certified Heat and Air technicians. Snow Bear Heat and Air Technicians are certified in the most recent up to date knowledge and certifications. 

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Who are the owners?

Jonathan Kelly has successfully worked his way through Make Your Life Epic by first starting out by making sales calls and writing Search Engine Articles. It was through his hard work, diligence and drive that now has him successfully managing the Make Your Life Epic Team, Co-owning Snow Bear Heat and Air, and has thrived in sharing his knowledge, experiences, not only with the team that he manages but with thousands of readers and listeners.

Not only does he manage many team members, but he has co-written many knowledge bombs dropping books, and has written for and been published in Forbes magazine! He has co-written “ Start Here”, “ Don’t Let Your Employees Hold You Hostage” Search Engine Domination; The Proven Plan, Best Practice Processes + Super Moves to Make Millions with Online Marketing” and “The F6 Journal”.

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What makes the Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC repair Experience Different from other Tulsa Heat and Air Businesses in the Area?

Now we all know that generally in any city there will be numerous options for Tulsa heat repair and Tulsa air repair services. However, what makes Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa different from the other Tulsa HVAC providers in Tulsa Oklahoma? It’s actually quite simple. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers any first-time client savings right off the bat! They offer their first-time customers a $7 diagnostic service fee! Do you know how incredible that is?! They are saving you money before you’re even a client! They also provide 24-hour emergency service, so no matter the time of day they are prepared to solve any Tulsa HVAC repair crisis you have. They offer professional Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Services & Installation Services. They provide 100% financing on QUALITY MANUFACTURERS such as Lennox, Champion, Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Rheem, and Daikin Air Intelligence. This guarantees you the highest quality at affordable prices. They can answer all your questions relating to Heat and Air, they are hardworking, knowledgeable, and dedicated to being trained and certified in the best knowledge to date! 

Especially living in Oklahoma the weather can change every hour! It could be cold, wet, and freezing one moment, and then the next day you could be experiencing nice 70-degree weather. You need a company and equipment along with HVAC systems that can keep up with the drastic weather changes in Oklahoma!

Heat And Air Tulsa 0205You need a system that can withstand extreme weather conditions while being able to rely on the fact that you won’t need to be repairing your Tulsa HVAC System every month. Because let’s face it, as homeowners we all know how expensive repairs and maintenance around the home can get! By working with Snow Bear Heat and Air you will be saving money! We care more about providing reliable solutions for your problems and thinking outside the box for solutions. 

It’s time to put Snow Bear Heat and Air to the test and experience for yourself what the Snow Bear Heat and Air team can do!  We are only going to charge you a whole whopping $7 for your first diagnostic service fee for all new customers. Our team is responsive and responsible and will be ready to provide you with 24hr emergency heat and air services.

As a homeowner, you need to find the right fit for your needs. So if you are needing a Tulsa Heat and Air company that can provide you with high-quality Tulsa HVAC systems from top-notch manufacturers such as; Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Lennox, Daikin Air Intelligence, Champion Heating, and Cooling and Snow Bear Heat and Air is the perfect fir for you!

Not only will Snow Bear Heat and Air provide you with the services you need, but we will also explore alternative means to heating and cooling your home. After providing you with a $7 diagnostic service fee, we will provide you with an HVAC maintenance plan, that way, you will have a plan in place to take proper care of the Tulsa HVAC repair systems you have in place. If you would like more information on how to get started, contact us today!