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Snowbear Heat and Air also offers maintenance checks for all heating and cooling needs.

As the best Amarillo heating and Air repair service, we want to ensure that your equipment is going to be ready for any type of weather to hit. A basic maintenance check includes a visual inspection then testing the capacitors for leakage and rust. They also inspect the ready accessible ducts, the air filtration system, blower wheel and motor (which will include recording the amp draw), the unit wiring and electrical disconnect. They will run a complete operations sequence check and check the calibration on the thermostat. These basic checks should be done at the beginning of each major season such as summer and winter to insure your heating or air conditioning systems continue running without error. There isn’t a better time to receive these than before something goes wrong. Waiting for a problem to arise can be very costly and time consuming. Having regular checks will make sure that your system is fixed up before anything detrimental can happen. Call us today and set up your appointment so that your system can be checked prior to you being a bit too cold or a bit too hot. A $7 service fee, will get the entire process started as soon as possible!

For cooling maintenance checks, we dive in a bit deeper into checking everything.

The technicians will start by tightening the screw lug terminals in the condensing unit. Then they will inspect the contractor for pits or burns. They also inspect the fan blade, the indoor coil, any condensate drain pans and drains. They also inspect and clean the outdoor unit (if it is above 60 degrees fahrenheit outside), flush condensate lines and check pump operation.

They confirm the evaporator has adequate air flow, and lubricate the furnace or boiler blower. We are the highest rated air conditioning and heating repair service in Amarillo so we want to make sure we get everything working to its best capabilities. They also check and fix much more, as your unit may or may not need. Snowbear Heat & Air conditioning want you and your family to have a properly working piece of equipment, that is why these maintenance checks are so important. When summer comes rolling in with 100 degree temperatures, we want to make sure that everyone is prepared, ready and set up to stay cool and comfortable. Making sure to call us ahead of time will save you the headache and stress of being too hot in Texas weather. Schedule your maintenance check at the end of spring so you can be prepared for the temperatures to come.


We also specialize in heating maintenance. First things first, inspection of the gas lines is very important. We want you to be the safest possible while using any installed equipment. Our technicians will make sure all the connections at the furnace and or boiler are not leaking. They will check the high limit control then, if any adjustment is needed, they will be sure to fix it for you.They will also check that the burner ignition system, and the gas burners are all working correctly. If any adjusting to the manifold gas pressure is needed, they will also take care of that for you! They will then check your temperature rise across the heat exchanger to make sure nothing is overheating.Your technician will also inspect your heat exchanger for sooting, corrosion, cracks, and deformities. He or she will also be looking at the gas valve just to make sure that it has no corrosion, it isn’t leaking, and that there isn’t any restriction of the gas flow and/or abnormal noise. The furnace and/or boiler will then have the full setup of the wiring assessed for any loose connections. The flue will then have a full look over to make sure it is being vented correctly, and that there aren’t any obstructions or leaks there either. We also check all the electrical aspects of the system. Your technicians will then check the electrical circuit to the furnace and or boiler. They will then test all the electrical and safety circuits, controls for all the proper operations. The entire furnace and or boiler will be looked over for any loose or worn parts, and/or any abnormal vibrations. The technician will then test and/or adjust the unit for peak operating efficiency! The carbon monoxide emissions lever will need to be tested and they will inform you if it passes or fails, because we all know how extremely dangerous that can be and we want you to be informed. However if it has a heat pump, the defrost cycle and the reversing valve operation will be tested then screw lug terminals in the condensing units will be tightened. The level of refrigerant will also need to be looked at to make sure it isn’t too low. Lastly, the emergency heat systems will need to be checked for proper operation. We make these annual maintenance checks as easy as possible while being as thorough as we can be. Heating systems can be vital in a Texas winter so let us make sure you are prepared. Call us at (806)367-9416 and set up an appointment for just a low service fee of $7.

After everything is checked over, assessed, fixed as needed and/or replaced, we will have you sign a maintenance agreement, meaning that we assessed your equipment, and got you all fixed up like we promised! At Snowbear Heat and Air, we really pride ourselves on our technicians, and our ability to complete our job at the highest of standards. When you choose to go with Amarillo’s highest rated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service provider, you will not be disappointed! For a small $7 service fee, we can have one of our technicians come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and your family and make sure you are ready for the season ahead of you! We want to prove ourselves again and again to our customers. We want to do an amazing initial installation then follow with regular maintenance checks that will keep you satisfied for the months to come of chaotic weather. If you have a system previously installed by another company, allow us to double check the work and give a second opinion on anything that may need help or fixing.

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