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Heating and cooling systems can be unreliable when they aren’t given regular maintenance checks or they have just been running for too long. It can be very expensive to deal with the wrong company and end up with bigger issues than you started with. Choosing Snowbear Heat & Air guarantees you a great job done and a better system is left, whether through repair or replacement. We have over 15 years of experience behind us with added training that allows to keep our technicians up to date with the best skills. We do a range of things that will allow your home to be comfortable and just right to your liking. Ductwork, thermostats, ventilators, sensors, heating systems and air conditioning units are all services or products we offer. We will go the nine yards to make you happy with what we leave behind after a day or two of work. We do upfront pricing, scheduled appointments and a $7 service fee. We also offer financing options and accept many types of payment for your convenience. Snowbear Heat & Air puts our customers first every time. We want the job done right the first time so that you can go back to enjoying your home at its best again.

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Air conditioning systems have to be reliable and running at their full capacity to beat the Texas heat. We are experts on what your unit may or may not need to get back up and running. We also put in brand new systems or replacements if a repair isn’t going to do the trick. Our office staff will go over all pricing while the technician will figure out what your specific situation needs plus update you with a better quote for the job needing to be done. This process can be timely with other companies but we do our best to get you back to your normal again quickly. Our quoting, and installing may only take days while others may stall. We know the stress an unexpected error in your home can cause and we want to make the road back to comfort as simple as possible. Our great customer service, skilled technicians and transparent job plans will leave you feeling confident and satisfied with the work done. As the best air conditioner repair service, we know air conditioning is vital during the heat of a busy summer and when the day is done, you want to rest knowing your systems are working at their highest degree.

Staying warm is just as important as staying cool in the climate we live in. Having a dependable heating system is a must. Snowbear Heat & Air does installing and repair services. We want your home to be cozy after having to face a cold outing. Heating systems, same as air conditioning systems, can be pricey to fix if left too long without a maintenance check. Making sure all parts are working together is vital to having a lasting system without unexpected interruption. We can go out and run full diagnostics on any systems and tell you what the problem may be. If the system is too out-dated to fix, we will let you know and explain to you the other options available if you would like to replace it with a newer model through us. We will make you aware of all pricing before-hand and work with the budget or payment schedule you could need. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full replacement, new installation or simple fix, our trained technicians will find the solution and solve any problems your system can throw at us. We are the highest rated Amarillo Heating and Air conditioning repair service because we know our customers and our equipment. We can and will get the job done correctly, within budget and in a timely manner.

We want to provide a service that you and we can be proud of. We are a local company owned by a local family. We know the people of this area and are glad to do work for them. As the highest rated air conditioning and heating repair service, we want to offer the highest quality products to install and use only trained professionals to work on them for you. We have years of experience to trust and learn new things to keep up with the growing technology. We offer a 24/7 emergency service and free estimates. If you decide to partner with us, we can do financing and payment plans to insure the littlest amount of stress on you or your wallet. We also offer a $7 service fee. We understand the concern when changing something of this scale on your home but we will take care of any complications or issues that make occur and make you aware of every choice that comes up. We are licensed, certified and insured to work on and install every piece of equipment we offer.

Snowbear Heat and Air prides itself in its ability to work for and with our neighbors. We are a local company that wants to grow into other cities and show them what great service and work comes out of this area. We are the highest rated heating and air repair service in Amarillo and we thrive on hard work and want to leave each customer feeling satisfied and comfortable. Your home is your place of safety and relaxation. Nobody wants to come home to a new problem arising so allow us to check your system before one appears. Fight the heat or cold with preventative maintenance checks and work. A small fix at a small cost is the better option when compared to a major issue or a complete replacement. When dealing with other companies, these things can be costly, timely and a headache. However, here at Snowbear Heat & Air, we want to fix, install or replace your systems with the utmost care in the most efficient way possible. Just for a small service fee of $7, we can start helping today. If you have any questions or want us to examine a problem for you, just call us at (806)367-9416! We want to be the company you call when things go wrong but also the company that keeps things going right.

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Ductless Units Amarillo may also be referred to as “ductless heat pumps” or “zoned hvac”. These systems can heat and cool an area without any ductwork being installed. They are also able to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor compressor/condenser. The number of indoor handling units depends on the size of the house and the temperatures you and your family would like to reach. Each inside unit is controlled separately so the age-old fight over the thermostat is no more. They are also great for new additions to a home as you do not have to add-on more ductwork for it, and they can be added without interrupting the rest of the home.

Furthermore, they actually have very few connections that connect the two parts: refrigerant tubing, a condensate drain line and a power cable which makes the process fairly simple. The handling unit is placed high usually, maybe even from the ceiling. The compressor/condenser’s job is to absorb or release heat into the air while the handling unit is to push colder or hotter air into the designated room or zone of the house. These Ductless Units Amarillo are very simple and can be a great solution for any home. We can see if they are right for you for just a $7 service fee!

These systems do have a similar price range as traditional central systems, however they are likely to be more efficient and less invasive. This installation only requires a small hole (approx. 3 in.) for the lines and wires to meet the outdoor unit. They also save plenty of energy since they are temperature-sensing, which means they have the capability to turn on without using full power, if necessary, to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. Since they do not have to constantly run on full power or constantly be on in general, they save you money! They eventually pay for themselves in savings on the monthly electric bill. These units are modern, simple and small. They do not take over your home with ductwork in closets and attics with holes throughout. They can also be remote control operated or through a simple touch of a button. If you pair a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can have even more control with these Ductless Units Amarillo! These ductless mini-split units are new technology with endless potential to make your home great! Call us today to learn more about them and what they could do for your home! (806-367-9416) is our number in Amarillo, TX. We can schedule you an appointment for just $7!

These units are also more effective. You can leave one indoor unit on full power where you spend most of your time and leave the others on a lower power setting so there’s no wasted air where you aren’t at! These units are also more efficient because they do not lose air. Traditional central systems lose air in ductwork cracks and holes. Since these units are ductless, there is no air loss on the way to you! These systems are more efficient in every way! They send the air directly to the zone you want it to distribute air to, and you are still able to lower the power settings on the others so you aren’t spending money on air you aren’t using. They are easy to install, use, and operate! They pay for themselves in time and how many you need is completely up to the size of your home so you’re not paying for anything you don’t benefit from! Ductless Units Amarillo are the new thing for the HVAC industry and you should be apart of it! These systems are similar to the ones in hotel rooms, the ones that make that room just that much more comfortable. Imagine that comfort in your home everyday? It’s possible and we can do it! We are the highest reviewed HVAC company in Amarillo, so you can depend on us!

There are many great things about this product and it offers plenty of flexibility and options. However, since they are operated through the use of a heat pump, they work best for warmer climates. A heat pump uses heat from the air in order to work. It either pulls the heat from the indoor air outside to cool down the home, or pulls the heat from outside indoors to heat the home. This only works if there is plenty of heat to absorb. Warmer climates can provide that. In places where temperatures reach below freezing often, an alternate heating solution may be needed or a traditional central system may be a better fit all around. Ductless Units Amarillo provide many benefits but they do need to be fitting for your home, climate and expectations. Heat pumps can be great but they are a bit specific. You can call us today at 806-367-9416 to see if this option is right for you!

Ductless Units Amarillo are a great option to look at. They save you money at the time of purchase and throughout use of them. They are easy to install, are not invasive and do not require much time to get them up and running. They are highly customizable and easy to operate. They are great for large homes where temperature preferences may differ from person to person. They can be paired with other new technology to make them even more convenient. They are a great addition to any home that is looking for something that is simple but will do its job correctly. They bring comfort with a giant expense, but they are an investment. They will stay in working condition for many years with the appropriate maintenance and care. They do not require all that full traditional central systems do as they have many fewer parts in general and inside. If you are interested in a system that will do its best to perform to your expectations, this might be the equipment you are looking for. They are a great new piece of technology that will bring comfort to your home like no other. They are easy to use and give off many benefits and who doesn’t like something that will save you money? Call us today to get his project started!

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