Snowbear Heat and Air, as the name suggests, also does heating installations. We work in Amarillo and surrounding areas, even Lubbock, TX. We are a local company growing into other cities through the good word given by our customers. We are the most reviewed and highest rated heating and air conditioning repair service. Being comfortable in your own home is important and we know that. Our experienced staff will help you navigate through all choices so that the conclusion ends with you being satisfied. We have knowledgeable technicians and the best customer service in the area. We know who we are working with and we want to provide an experience that you can share with pride. Here at Snowbear Heating & Air, we choose to put customer service at the head of our priorities along with delivering great service and clean work.

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Adding to your home can be a very stressful process but at Snowbear Heating & Air, we make the choices transparent from the beginning so you can have full control over your home and comfort. We also understand that every homeowner or business has a different budget and may need different payment options. We do our best to find a solution for all needs and also offer financing through our brands. We also offer a $7 service fee to get started. We want to be the company you call for your heating needs and we are willing to go above and beyond for our customers to feel important. Our customers are what make our company grow, and without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the services we do. We are glad to be Amarillo’s best air conditioning and heating repair service. We do residential and commercial work. No job is too big or too small. Every detail will be worked on down to the very specific. We want to deliver a product that will bring you satisfaction and comfort.

Our office staff is specially trained to give you the best quotes and information about the systems that will fit and work for your home. They will discuss all factors and pricing with you upfront so you may make an educated decision for your home or business. Our goal is for you to feel as confident as possible about your decisions with us so you may continue to feel confident about it for years of use. We will then schedule you an appointment for our technicians to go out and learn more about what you may need. They will give you a break down of what work will be done if you decide to stay with us, which we would be more than glad if you did!

Our technicians are certified and trained to work on most heaters.They use the most up-to-date techniques and skills. We will go out and repair as our appointments allow us and fix any and all issues you may be having heating your home or place of business. You should feel comfortable at all times with us so we will do our absolute best to ensure that is the case. We want to know from the smallest of problems to the largest. The quicker we know, the faster we can fix it and avoid it becoming a more complex, and more expensive problem. Running regular maintenance checks will also help avoid those bigger issues. With these checks, “normal” wear and tear is a thing of the past. We can help make sure your system is up and running all of the time so you are happy in your home. All we ask if a $7 service fee and we will help keep you happy 6 days out of the week! We will check from the simplest of maintenance to the rarest of problems.

We understand that needs change depending on each customer and we want to figure out what works best for you. We work with quality brands and have the best technicians ready to install the system or equipment you choose. We are Amarillo’s best heating and air conditioning repair service and with our $7 service fee, we make it easy to start this process. Feeling comfortable in your home is important any time of the year, especially in the Texas area. Planning ahead and installing or repairing your heating unit before the cold comes is the for sure plan to insure you are covered.

We also will replace your old heater for you! Sometimes repair services aren’t enough for older models and a new one has to come in. We can take care of all the needs related to the job. Snowbear Heating & Air does the work until it’s done right. Replacing heaters is just another task we can complete for you. We are a one stop for all types of business and we want our number to be the one you call every time.

We have the best trained technicians, a knowledgeable staff, great resources and the greatest customer service in the area. Your home or business is important and they should only be left in the best of hands. We will take care of any part of the job you need done rather it’s fixing what you have, starting from scratch or replacing the old with the new. We realize how big of a change things like this can be and we will be glad to walk you through each and every step along with us. We will answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Having the best team with you is what you want so choose Snowbear Heating & Air. Our upfront pricing, quick scheduled appointments and fast technicians will have you feeling warmer in no time. Heating installations, replacement or repair is our thing and we feel confident that we can complete any problem you may encounter. Snowbear Heating & Air is the highest rated Amarillo repair service for good reason. We put our customers first and we do the job right. Reliability and comfort are two factors we strive for every time we set out for the day!

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