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Snow Bear Heat and Air is a locally owned and operated heating and air Amarillo conditioning repair company. We offer many great services. One of the great promotions that we offer and are incredibly proud of is our $7 diagnostic fee. This is something that our homeowners and commercial property owners are very thrilled to hear about not only in Amarillo but also Waco, Lubbock, and soon Oklahoma!. This service includes a certified technician arriving at the property and running a full assessment of the equipment that is installed. Once the technician has completed the diagnostic, they will then give you the best options on how they can recommend either repairing that unit or if it would be best, they can offer replacement options as well. Upon hiring these techs, they each complete an extensive hands-on training program, to best serve our neighbors and community. We understand how expensive air conditioning and heating repairs can be and that is why our company has decided to only charge a $7 service fee for that full assessment. 

We offer a wide variety of heat and air Amarillo services, especially focusing on air conditioning and heating repair services. Our licensed technicians, diagnose issues and offer their best recommendations moving forward. We always include the most budget-friendly option as well as your better and best options. We know that your time is valued and that is why they are always on time for any service call. We complete the given task as efficiently as possible, that way you and your family stay comfortable any time of the year. Summers can be so harsh if your air conditioning happens to stop working. And we understand that being warm in the winter is also so important. 

We are the heat and air Amarillo company that does it all

Preventative Maintenance plans are something we offer in hopes that any homeowner and business owner can help avoid any large issues when it comes to repairing your equipment. These maintenance plans include services that offer fifteen percent off of any repair that may need to be made. They also include a priority schedule. We understand that you trusted us enough to initiate a contract and we always want to make that commitment a priority. So when we are completely booked up, we can help to squeeze you in for that extra priority call. 

Replacing your air conditioning or heating equipment can become a very overwhelming task. With the brands out there and sales representatives making it very confusing sometimes. That is why we offer the best solutions to this issue. We offer flat rate pricing and the best warranties that are available. This may include up to ten years of labor warranty. I know!! It’s that great. That means after purchasing your equipment from Snow Bear Heat and Air Amarillo, at least for the first ten years, not a penny is coming out of your pocket for parts or labor. 

We also offer great financing options for qualifying individuals. 100% financing! With some options that include 0 percent interest. That’s right! 0 percent interest. We are the proud partners of Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Through them, we have some great financing options available. This makes your home improvement project so much easier and so much less of a headache. Our customer service representatives are fully trained on how to move forward with the financing application and would be more than happy to help you and your loved ones with the completion of the simple steps. With financing as an option, we can almost guarantee the completion of your project within 2-3 business days after the documents have been completed. 

Technicians are certified in different areas of expertise. All have completed extensive training. This training sometimes takes place in the office. We use the latest webinars to help with this process. We continue to strive to always have the most knowledgeable technicians available for your home repairs. They have to undertake certain exams in order to proceed in this business. Environmental Protection Agency, is one of the first exams that we have our techs complete. This helps to guide them with the safest procedures available for your normal freon repairs. One of the next exams is TDLR registration. Each technician has to also complete this specific task. It is important to our company that we send team members to your property that will be effective, safe, and kind. We always hope to give the best experience available in such a rough situation. 

We have the best customer service representatives available to help you through the entire process. From the moment you call in, you are greeted with a team who’s only mission is to make your day better. The take the time to understand your current issue and always provide you with the best possible solution. We spend extra time training these individuals to have the most effective problem solving skills. We understand the last thing you want to worry about is heating and air conditioning repairs.  

At Snow Bear Heat and Air Amarillo, we are very invested in our community and our neighbors. We have chosen one mission in particular. Another Chance House is a local mission that helps serve the Veterans and Men in need in our community. They not only help to home them and feed these individuals, but they also help with learning skills and counseling. These Veterans sometimes come to this facility as their last string of hope, and we understand the importance that this facility helps with the rehabilitation of these men. Our hearts will always continue to pray for them and hope in some small way we are helping these men. Every $7 fee that is collected is donated to this cause. So when you are paying for this service, you are actually helping in more ways than you think. You are helping with this important mission. 

We know there are other companies available to trust with your heating and air conditioning repairs or replacements. However, when you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air Amarillo, you are choosing the best. You are choosing a company whose mission is to provide you with the best outcome and a happier home or business.