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 We are here to inform you on products and help you figure out the best systems for your home or what parts you may need to replace to fix your existing system. We have a $7 service fee that will get us out to your home to see what we can do! Heat pumps is one of the ways you can choose to keep your home warm or cool in the coming seasons. They are built to move heat from one area to another. They take the heat from the air or ground and push it in the direction you choose depending on if you want your home warm or chilled. The way they work is very similar to an air conditioner or refrigerator but they are very efficient and are a bit more eco-friendly since they do not burn any fuel to run. They are a great option if you live in a moderate climate since they work off of the heat in the outside air or ground. These units don’t take many parts, and there’s no need for installing other units. They can have duct work that transfer the treated air around the home or building. Heat pumps can also be called ductless wall units. They are very efficient and give out a great amount of air with a bigger range of temperatures to choose from. Either way, heat pumps get the job done and can be a great add-on for your home to keep it feeling exactly how you want it to. Allow us to help you decide what you are looking for and let’s begin a partnership for just a $7 service fee!

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Heat energy naturally transfers from warmer areas to colder areas.

However, a heat pump can reverse this process by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one. This process requires external energy, such as electricity. In the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, the correct terminology for a heat pump is usually referred to as a Vapor Compression Refrigeration System, which are optimized for a higher efficiency in both directions. As the highest rated Amarillo heating and air repair service, and we would be happy to help you figure out this process. These decisions can be hard for first time consumers and we would love to stop by and help you figure out what would best fit you. All it takes is a $7 service fee to get the process going today!

When talking about the common design of a heat pump, it only involves 4 components- condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and the compressor. Refrigerant is a gas that is put into the heat pump. It is run through a cycle where it is pushed through evaporation and condensation. The refrigerant is then pushed through heat exchanger coils at a low pressure first, then at a high pressure. During low pressure, the refrigerant is a vapor that can absorb heat from its surroundings. When pushed into high pressure, it is condensed and sent into the second coil. Here is where the heat is released. These systems can be reversed so that the hot air may go inside your home or be blocked to be thrown back outside. They can heat your home even in the extreme cold days in the winter due to the fact that there’s always heat in the air. It also can cool and dehumidify your home in the hot summers. Give us a call and we can help you decide what you may need for your home. We are experts on all parts and we want to let you know what great options are out there!

A mechanical heat pump is basically like your everyday refrigerator except that the parts inside are reversed and it is a bit bigger. In order to deal with the much larger amount of energy, pumps or fans are required where a fridge needs only passive exchangers. With heat pumps, they exploit the physical properties of an extremely volatile evaporating fluid known as refrigerant. The heat pump itself compresses the refrigerant to make it hotter on the side that needs to be warmed, then it releases the pressure on the side it’s built up to the side it needs to be absorbed. When the refrigerant is in its gaseous state, it is pressurized and then circulated by the compressor. Then on the discharge side of the compressor, the now hot and highly pressurized vapor is cooled in a heat exchanger or what’s called a condenser, then it will condense into a high pressure. After that the condensed refrigerant will then pass through a pressure lowering device called a metering device. These may be also called a capillary tube, expansion tube, or even a work extracting device such as a turbine. The now low pressure refrigerant, which is still liquid, will then enter yet another heat exchange, called the evaporator. In which fluid will absorb heat and will boil. Lastly the refrigerant then returns to the compressor and the cycle will then be repeated.

These systems may sound very complicated but they are no big deal for our professional technicians. They are trained and certified to handle the toughest of jobs, but these heat pumps are simple, reliable and efficient all on their own. We want to continue working towards getting your home to optimal comfort. Your day to day routines should not be burdened by a humid or chilly home. Call us at Snowbear Heat & Air and allows us to show you why we are the highest rated heating and air conditioning repair service in Amarillo. WE will do our absolute best to leave you satisfied and feeling taken care of. Your home, family and needs are of utmost importance and we want to make sure we cover every base. If you are interested in getting one of these efficient and eco-friendly heat pumps installed in your home, give our office a call. They can educate you further or answer any other questions you may have.

When you choose Snowbear Heat & Air, there is only a $7 service to get a technician out to your home. We will allow them to make sure your heat pump and all other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs are up and running and in great condition for you and your family. We are Amarillo’s and the surrounding area best service provider so we want to make sure you and your family are comfortable in every aspect.

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