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Whether it is your home or business, Snowbear Heat & Air has you covered. We not only do residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning services but we also do commercial. We can keep employees feeling cool and calm in the summer and up beat with heat during the chilliest part of the Winter. Our technicians are trained to find out the appropriate size of an HVAC system for your building so that you, your customers, and employees can be comfortable day in and day out. We strive to give the most efficient, environmentally and economically friendly system that will also fit your needs. We also offer a $7 service fee to get everything started. We hope you begin the process with the best Amarillo Heating and Air conditioning repair service so that you can get the job done right the first time. Your business is important to you and we want you taken care of in the best way. Let us take care of your HVAC needs so that you may continue growing and thriving in your own business venture! We are located in Amarillo, TX but we do work far and wide for any type of building work!

During this process, we want to make sure all steps are taken care of. We do everything including the duct installation and fabrication, HVAC piping, HVAC controls and system startup. We do all the needed duct installation on the property, copper refrigerant, water piping, sensors, building management systems and wiring installation. When we feel all this is complete, we run a system startup to ensure that every unit on the work site is running properly and communicating with the main control panel. Our job isn’t done until we know the entire system is working together to get a great outcome. These systems can become complicated and it is our job to resolve any complications before we leave. We want to leave you feeling confident in your new addition to your home. Save the time and call Snowbear Heat and Air for all your HVAC needs. We are one company that does it all, don’t waste another day calling companies that tell you they’ll call other companies to get the job done.

We take your business seriously and we want it up and running in no time, just like you. We will be there from start to finish on your property. We fix and install anything that deals with HVAC, give us a chance and we will outwork the rest with all that we are capable of doing. If we ever do need help from another company, we will suggest which one to use but leave your home in your hands and the decisions up to you! We are Amarillo’s highest rated air conditioning and heating repair service so you can trust that we are experts in our field and we will do what’s best for the job. We tend to the products from the first design of the mechanics to the last piece of equipment being installed to the first startup of the entire system. We want you to be satisfied and confident when we leave your property which means we will work that much harder to ensure everything is installed and running right! Call us to set up an appointment for just $7.

Snowbear Heat and Air also does custom maintenance plans. Our technicians will go out to the property and check the filters, belts and other equipment. They will suggest how often it all should be checked and offer you that plan. Maintenance plans insure that your system is up and running for a very long time at its best capability. It also helps in maintaining communication between our company and yours. We want to provide the best services we can and work towards not only being associated by business but also becoming partners. We want to be a reason your customers and employees feel better about going into your business and a reason you feel better about the work environment or experience you have given them. We strive to be more than just your HVAC system repair service, we want to triple check that we have done everything to make sure you’re happy with your installation and that it adds just that much more to help your business in succeeding.

Our team is trained with a well rounded-amount of skills to be able to assist the needs of a diverse set of clients. Each customer is unique and has different requirements for each business. We are able to fulfill a vast range of these needs solely through our company. We will go out and survey the property beforehand so that we can fully understand your needs prior to beginning the project. We want to be able to go above and beyond your expectations and still do exactly what your company needs.

Snowbear Heat and Air is the company that does it all. We are locally owned and operated and are the highest rated Amarillo air conditioning and heating repair service. We provide all HVAC services and work with the best of brands to insure you are taken care of for a very long time. All we ask for to get started is a $7 service fee to lock in an appointment. We also provide maintenance plans custom to your specific needs. We hope to make you feel secure in any piece of equipment we put in place. We will do the installation from beginning to end so that you can continue with your daily life without worrying about what other companies may be going in and out of your property. We will ensure everything is completed to the best of our standards and yours. Working towards common goals in how partnerships thrive and that’s what we hope to achieve with you and your business. Commercial heating and air conditioning is a major responsibility on any HVAC company but we are more than prepared to handle it and can’t wait to show you how reliable we can be.

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