$0 Money Down Financing Available

(for qualified buyers)

Payments as low as $99 per month

When you choose Snowbear Heat & Air, you will have several options when it comes to the financing part of getting your heater or air conditioner fixed or replaced. When things break, it can catch you by surprise and can be very costly. We know that unexpected expenses can make other aspects of your life run behind. We don’t want to be the reason for that. We have several options to finance through that can help lessen the burden. You can even buy a complete system today for as little as $68 a month! We work with all types of budgets and homes, and we would like to work with yours. We begin with a $7 service fee to survey the property then everything goes up from there! We are locally owned and operated at 5401 Bell St, in Amarillo, TX. but we service many surrounding areas and towns. We are the most reviewed Amarillo heating and air conditioning service which means our customers have a lot to say about us. We know our area and we want to be the ones to provide all your needs. Call one company and get the job done right!

Foundation Finance Company is one of the ways we finance.

They have three different credit approval tiers. They offer different types of financing plans to customers that may or may not have the best credit. Tier 1 is SuperPrime which offers the best payment plans for customers with great credit. The second tier is PrimePlus and the third Tier is Standard. Both of these tiers deal with people do have no-so-great credit but still need financing. They are able to do that with a small amount of added interest. They work with customers that may have B, C and D levels of credit. We choose to work with this financing company due to the fact that they help our customers get where they want to be and they allow us to begin a long term partnership with you that may not have been possible. We hope that you call us to find out any information you may need so that we can help you get back to comfort! We are the highest rated air conditioning and heating repair service and we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. We would be glad to call you a customer, so call us today and let’s begin the conversation. We are locally owned and understand the weather so we know exactly what you need!

With Foundation Finance, the application is easy!

We can sum up the entire process in five steps. First, you will fill out a credit application with your representative. All parts of the form will have to be filled accurately and truthfully. Income must also be included best to your knowledge but correctly. When you are approved, your representative will communicate with you the terms of your financing and any promotions that may be happening at that time.The documents will be the representatives responsibility, all you have to do is sign either in person or electronically. Then you will get a verification call that will verify all the information you have provided and go over the terms you have agreed to once again. You will sing a completion form and set your first payment fate! The billing is monthly and you can pay online, over the phone or send it in the mail. They make the process super easy and basically take care of all the paperwork. They will discuss every part of the process with you and of course you can always call us for extra help if needed! As an Amarillo repair service, we have plenty of experience in all parts of the job!

Snowbear Heat & Air is here to make things easier on you and your family.

Therefore we are an exclusive Home Depot service provider. That means when you go to Home Depot, and apply for a Home Depot card, we will get your information through them and we will be able to help you find the correct system for you and your home. Home Depot offers their Home Depot credit card holders a special of 24 months with zero interest. With only a limited time until this offers ends, now is the time to jump on this offer! 2020 is just around the corner and then time is up on this amazing offer! It is also super easy to apply, all you have to do it go online, to, and apply for their credit card. Once you get approved, we will call you and see when you would like to get started. Furthermore, for just a $7 service fee, it will get one of our technicians out to your home to get better evaluated so we can get you all set up! As far as the paperwork side of everything, we will be able to handle everything for you. All we need from you is a couple signatures!

When you go with Snowbear Heat & Air, you are choosing the highest rated heating and air conditioning service in Amarillo.

We strive to help our customers with everything we can and financing options is just another way we do it. You deserve to have a house set to your perfect temperature and we want you to have that. Allow us to give you an estimate in person or over the phone or let us go out and meet you to see what we may be fixing! Call us at (806)367-9416 anytime! We also run a 24-hour emergency service so we will always be a phone call away! We make the process as painless as possible with our $7 service fee and we want to make you a part of our achievements! Make your home comfortable without costing yourself more stress. Financing is a great option and we are proud to partner with companies that help us provide it.

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