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Are you looking for a locally owned business to provide your air conditioning needs? Snowbear Heat & Air serves the Amarillo, Canyon, Hereford, Lubbock, and various other Texas areas.

 We strive to provide customers with the top equipment and the best technicians to install it. All technicians are certified and trained with the best knowledge to date. In order to have the best running air conditioner, you’ll need a great technician running maintenance and repair checks so any and all issues are fixed as quick as possible. Our technicians have various universal parts on their trucks which means less time wasted going to and from the work site for extra materials. We also offer 24-hour air conditioning maintenance services and up-front pricing on any work or equipment needed, over the phone and in person. We schedule appointments to fit your time and convenience. To make you aware of every step of the process, our technicians will also send you a message when they are on their way! Not only do we specialize in residential but also commercial air conditioning. Most equipment comes with a 5 year warranty which will keep you cool for a blissful amount of time. We also do 0% financing and will work with any type of household to get you what you need! We accept multiple forms of payment ranging from Paypal, credit, cash or check. Here at Snowbear Heat and Air, we want our customers to feel like they are in great hands that will care for them through the entire process.

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We will share all the knowledge we have on your specific needs so that each decision is as much of your choice as possible.

 Our technicians are amazing at their job and the people they service. They are training to do the job as promised or with letting you know about any complications. Giving you what you feel will best fit is the most important part of the job. Living in Texas, the temperatures can be drastic and you’ll learn your air conditioner will have to be dependable. If it isn’t reliable, your family, friends or associates could be stuck in a heat wave with no way to cool down. Staying on top of maintenance can help prevent this from happening, and from becoming a larger, more extensive problem. Regular maintenance checks can allow your air conditioner unit to thrive longer and help you skip any time of discomfort. These preventative maintenance checks should be done yearly or every 6 months for the best performance. Finding early signs of deterioration can allow the technicians a head start before it causes a system failure or costly repairs. Communication between us and our customers is very important to us and we want to know when something goes wrong or if you just want to check things out. We will be there at the earliest time to make sure your system is fully functioning and at its optimal performance.

Snowbear Heat & Air also does repair services and diagnostics on any air conditioner. You can fulfill all your needs through one company and save yourself the hassle of calling multiple people to do one job! You need a specific job done and so does your unit. Allow us to take care of both needs so you can enjoy your fresh home faster and with a peaceful state of mind. It is a burden to be without an object of comfort so here at Snowbear Heat & Air, we want to limit that time frame to as little as possible! Letting any issue sit there will just allow it to accumulate more complex problems. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest to nip these problems in the bud. Our technicians are trained to handle the smallest, day to day issues to the largest, more difficult problems. They are trained in all areas of their field and are learning the newest techniques as they come. Want to find out for yourself ? Call our office and have a real conversation about what you are looking for and what those services look like from us. We pride ourselves in getting the job done and to your expectations.

Need help figuring out where to start? Our office staff and technicians will help you navigate through the selections of air conditioning systems with their expertise knowledge. They will continue to educate you through the installation process all the way to the job being completed. Replacing or installing a completely new system can be very stressful and here at Snowbear Heat & Air, we want to make each decision with you so that it can fit each need of your home or business. It’s just as much of your time and effort as it is ours so keeping everything as transparent and simple as possible for the job, is our goal. Our superior customer service is the core of our business. We want each interaction to leave you feeling understood and excited about the upcoming project. We understand that pricing and payment can be a big concern for some customers. We do our best to work with you and finish each job on time and on budget. We allow 0% financing and try to schedule payments to your schedule and convenience. Our affordable pricing gives us plenty of hope to leave you satisfied and stress free. We pride ourselves in knowing we will deliver an experience that will be informative, committed and excel all expectations. We want to leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

The R22 Phase Out Is Coming

As of the new year, the Refrigerant R22 Phase Out Amarillo and no longer be manufactured. There will only be a few vendors that have stock left and will be available to sell it. However, due to the rule of supply and demand, this product’s price will dramatically rise for homeowners who can get their hands on it. R22 is the freon used for older units but has now been restricted due to its believed effects to the ozone layer of the earth. This freon is now of the past and as it phases out, it will be replaced by 410A. 410A will be loaded in all new equipment as the new industry standard. It allows the compressor to reach new and better pressure rates which means for an all around better efficiency level. It is also believed to be better for the environment than the previous industry standard.

This change is government regulated and when all stock of R22 is gone, it will no longer be sold. Snow Bear Heat & Air is prepared for this end! Call us today to discuss your next step and how you want to deal with this change for your AC or Heating System. We recommend getting your freon levels checked once a year for each major season: Winter and Summer. Let us help you make the transition without the headache of a damaged unit or high priced freon. This phase out will go into effect January 1st so start planning on the R22 Phase Out Amarillo!

Changing freons can be a difficult process. In order to switch them, the first freon must be completely cleaned out prior to the new one being put in. If this is not done correctly, all metering devices can become plagued with slug and gunk that will damage your unit. Each refrigerant has different ingredients and oil and do not mix well. The replacement refrigerants for R22 are NU22, MO99 and 407C. These refrigerants are less expensive and less difficult than trying to get R22 after the R22 Phase Out Amarillo but your system will still need to be cleaned out before any changes are made. Please keep in mind that if a change is done incorrectly it can cause many costly repairs after already paying cost for freon. We can answer any questions, clean your system and make the change for you! Our $7 service fee covers diagnosis for first time customers! We want to help get you over the curve so you can get back to being comfortable! Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to.

410A cannot replace, be mixed with or be replaced by any of the above mentioned freons. 410A is a completely new type of refrigerant that was made for compressors that can handle a larger workload. It is put into newer systems that can handle the efficiency is causes for a very long time. Older models are not built to deal with the PSI numbers that 410A produces. Putting it in an older unit will cause the need for further repairs as it works on equipment that is not able to withstand the pressures that go along with it. R22 will still be available until all sources are sold out. The replacement refrigerants will work with those units as well as long as a change out is done prior. These freons consist of mineral oil or synthetic oil that does not allow them to mix without causing issues. Save yourself the trouble and set up an appointment with us, the most highly reviewed AC/heater repair service in Amarillo, to get it set up for you today! We know these changes do not sound major and they are not. However, if changed wrong, it can be expensive to repair or replace after the R22 Phase Out Amarillo.

Snow Bear Heat & Air also wants you to be comfortable for a very long time. These systems are major purchases and are investments in your homes. Relying on R22 will only last for so long. The product will only be on the market until it is sold out. R22 will not come back after the phase out. You can change to the replacement refrigerants which are less expensive than the original, before you ultimately add the price of the clean out. However, if you were still using R22, than your unit is likely to be an older model, that may need new repairs soon or has already had costly fixes done before. It may actually be running for a short time after paying for repairs, paying the clean out fees and paying for the new freon. All these expenses can be targeted to investing into a completely new system. A system with better efficiency, that doesn’t need repairs and will be compatible with the new type of freon that is the least expensive out of all the options available. Buying new equipment will save you plenty of money in the coming future and keep you from dealing with the headache that is the R22 Phase Out Amarillo.

After the R22 Phase Out Amarillo, R22 will no longer be manufactured after the new year which means the time to purchase it is very limited. If you do purchase it, its likely to be very expensive and only a temporary fix. You can use the replacement refrigerants, but those too will eventually be a temporary fix as they only work on older units, that may or may not need repairs or replacement soon. Buying new equipment is the best way to ensure your comfort is long lasting and readily available. You have plenty of options to choose to go with during this transition period. Here at Snow Bear Heat & Air, we are ready to discuss any questions you may have about the phase out in Amarillo, what your specific unit may need, or how we can get you set up with a new system soon! Call us today to set up an appointment for just a $7 service for first time customers! We will be glad to go over all options with you again so we can choose the option that best suits you.

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