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Helping Others One Man at a Time

Another Chance House provides a positive path toward a new and better self-sufficient life through structured living programs for men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

A Charity with A Mission

Another Chance House Transforms Lives

Our Mission is to provide a positive path toward a new and better self-sufficient life through structured living programs for men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


Another Chance House


Another Chance House is a place where men can find themselves again. It is an organization that allows men to acquire jobs, homes, community resources and much needed support. They are given Case Managers to help them along with their journey while at the shelter. This way they are held accountable and are pushed to be successful on their own upon completion of their plan. Their plan is put together with their Case Manager to insure that goals are in place for their future. Working along with Another Chance House, these men are able to realize their skills and talents so that they are able to put them to work for new jobs. They are given job training and skills assessments to find exactly what they are best at. Their Case Managers can and will give them referrals if the resident is a great fit for their desired Giveback Amarillo program.

They also help them get in contact with community resources for mental, physical or emotional needs so that when they leave the program, they are ready to face anything. They even help residents resolve or find solutions to legal problems that they may have. This organization actually hopes to expand in the near future so they may be able to assist more men regain their lives and better themselves. They hope to make a difference in the homeless community in Amarillo, TX by getting these men into healthier habits that will benefit them long after they graduate the Giveback Amarillo program.

As a locally owned business, we understand the importance of community. Support is needed on all fronts if growth is expected for the people who live within it. Here at Snow Bear Heat & Air, we want to be apart of the reason our city becomes better for everyone who lives here. Working in a field where repairs are most common, we know that some things just need help to get back to their best, or sometimes they just need a better placement to reach its full capacity. People are like that in a way, and some need that small adjustment made to their life to make the biggest difference with this Giveback Amarillo program. Our way of helping these issues is by donating to the cause. We want to give back to the community that allows us to grow. Snow Bear Heat & Air donates $1 per every service fee to Another Chance House. We have also donated an A/C System and all the labor in order to install it for the residents. We truly believe in this cause and just want to see these men get their lives back on the right path.

We donate to this specific charity because we believe in it. The goal of helping men return to normal lives is highly attainable with the right tools and resources so we want to ensure they have those things. Our team has many beliefs that lead us to want to help others. Daniel, one of the owners, participates in many mission trips and charities. He is devoted to helping those in need and using his blessings to help others with this Giveback Amarillo program. He has created a family within his company and shares his optimism with everyone he encounters. His business is based on truly caring for his customers and leaving them satisfied long after we have completed the job. He believes these men deserve that same pride and satisfaction in their life. Donating to this cause allows us to know we are making a difference in and out of our business. Working with our community does not only include doing work for customers, it involves becoming a true member of it and understanding what each side of the community needs. Even though our field does have many strong women, it is a male dominated career, like many other technical jobs are which means we need these men to be apart of the work field with reliable homes, food sources and transportation. Helping these men does not only benefit the men themselves but the economy they are in, the families they are apart of and the towns they live in.

Another chance house is an organization built for men so they may work towards being successful with work, family and within themselves. Pride in your own person is vital to having any chance of being great at anything. This organization does not only provide food and shelter but counseling and plans so that they are able to look forward to what is to come. Plans create a base point for goals and a record for past achievements, which creates this necessary pride. There are many organizations to donate to, however we can relate and understand the mission of this one. It is the community we are based and grown from and a business cannot prosper without the people who support it and that’s why we owe them the same commitment. Everyday we work towards being better for our consumers which isn’t far from what these men are working towards everyday in the shelter. We all just hope we are doing the right thing for ourselves and the people we care about with this Giveback Amarillo program.

This organization focuses on men but by helping these men, they are helping everyone who is connected to them move forward from the stress and worry that comes with homelessness or the events that lead up to it. We hope our donation and effort truly makes a difference in their lives, if even the smallest. We all deserve to feel safe and comfortable during this life and that’s why we donate. As a company based in proving that extra comfort is important, we understand that having a place to feel okay is dire for success. Another Chance House gives these men hope and that safe place until they can build one of their own with family or friends. Another Chance House is a bridge back to a normal life, but the temporary help with allows its residents to build a future that can last their lifetime with this Giveback Amarillo program.

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