If you throw a rock in Tulsa, chances are high you are going to hit at least 4 Tulsa HVAC company professionals. So with all of these HVAC companies in Tulsa claiming to be the best, how do you know who to use?

1. Reviews

First, check the reviews. Make sure all of the Tulsa HVAC company guys you are thinking of using have good/great reviews. We have over 1,000+  combined reviews from all of our locations.

2. Hours

Another thing that might help you decide on which Tulsa HVAC company to use is the hours. Many hvac companies are closed at 5 and not open on weekends. At Snow Bear Heat and Air, we are the air conditioning service Tulsa company that is open until 7pm each and every single day! We are even open 24/7 for emergencies!

3. Pricing

The last thing I would check if I were you would be the pricing! A lot of companies will charge a pretty high diagnostic fee. That is just to tell you what is wrong with your unit, let alone to fix it! We only charge $7 for our first time customers!

These are just a FEW things that might make it easier to decide which HVAC company in Tulsa to choose!

Tulsa HVAC Company | Helping Your Unit Keep Up

So often in the summer your air conditioning unit will not properly keep up. People can quickly become defeated and feel like they are at a loss. I have been in this place a few times and it is not fun.

That is why we at Snowbear take great pride in being able to get your air conditioning exactly the way you want it. 

Tulsa-Havac-Company-23224We at Snowbear Heat and Air Tulsa want you  running duct work is incredibly important. The size of duct work determines the amount of air flow that will enter your house. This is why you need the proper size of ductwork.

It takes knowing the proper size ducts, how to install them, and so forth in order to get the  proper air flow. We are able to get you exactly what you need.

Have you ever looked in your attic and all that duct seemed like a hot mess? We know exactly what we’re looking at and what it SHOULD look like.  That is why you need call Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa

One of the most common things air conditioning units have a problem doing is keeping up with the desired temperature when the system is low on freon. Freon is chemical refrigerant that empowers your system to keep your house cool and comfortable. It takes a special type of gauges in order to detect low freon levels.

For this reason, you’re going to want to call us at Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa. Another thing that can impact the performance of your air conditioning. 

Tulsa-HVAC-Company-356We are more than capable of diagnosing, solving and giving you exactly what you need. We are extremely committed to excellence in everything we do. We definitely want to see you living your most comfortable life and it starts with great AC! 

Visit our website at snowbearair.com or give us a call today at 918-236-9778!