Many homeowners and business owners make sure to do their research before buying any heat and cooling system. What you may want to know is how long the lifespan of the system is. If you need to purchase any additional parts or pieces, and the overall quality of the heat, cooling, or air filtration system. What most homeowners and business owners mistakenly forget, is how often your system needs to be maintained and replaced. 

As the saying goes,” Only a well-oiled machine runs smoothly” this is true for your HVAC systems! It is highly important to keep the maintenance up because if you take better care of it, it will prevent major issues or breaks from happening, or even lessen the damage they would cause. So if it’s been a while since you’ve had a service team come out to your home and check on your HVAC systems, it’s time to call Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC company today! If this is your first time working with Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC providers, don’t worry…we’re not going to break the bank with one service call!

In fact, we only charge our first-time customers $7 for our service fee! That’s incredible, that’s less than what most people spend on lunch every day! If you provide us your name, email address, and phone number, our team will reach out to you and schedule a time that’s convenient for you. Whether you work full time, have to shuttle six kids around to school, soccer, and cheer events, or you like to stay in the comfort of your home all day, every day, our team is flexible and will work around your schedule!

Our Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC company team are able to do this because we offer our services 24/7! We care about our clients and understand that there may have been times when you’ve had to miss work and stay home all day only to be stood up waiting for your service technician to show up. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air, we believe in being honest, hard-working, and offer transparency through everything we do. If we say we will show up at 9, we will show up at 8:55! That’s the kind of excellence we strive for every day!

Tulsa HVAC Company Comes from Growth

Snow Bear Heat and Air was founded in Amarillo Texas. It’s through providing excellent customer service, hard-working service technicians, and our prices that have created a wonderful company that’s been able to grow! Which is why we are now opening a Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC location!

We saw a need in the city of Tulsa Oklahoma that was not being met. We are now able to provide wonderful services for any homeowner or business owner that are in need of repairs, maintenance, or diagnosis of their systems.  So if your air conditioning has stopped working suddenly, give us a call and someone from our team will get to the root of the problem for only $7!!

It’s time to offer our Tulsa HVAC company for a fraction of the price! Because sometimes you just need the opportunity to work with a company you can trust! This is why Snow Bear Heat and Air offers 100% financing for high-quality products and systems provided by Rheem, Champion Heating and Cooling, Lennox, Daikin Air Intelligence, and Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating. This way you are able to receive the best systems in the industry while being able to afford them at any stage of life!

So what services are covered/does our service team cover when we provide maintenance checks? That is an EXCELLENT question! We ensure your equipment is ready to go at any time of year! Especially in Oklahoma, your HVAC systems need to be prepared and ready to handle any hot or cold waves that may hit! A basic maintenance check includes the following services: A visual inspection followed by necessary testing of the systems capacitors for any rust damage or leakage.

Then the air filtration system, readily accessible ducts, the blower wheel and its motor, and the unit wiring and disconnect will all be inspected. We also run a complete operations sequence check and an electrical disconnect check. How often should these basic maintenance checks be done by our Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC company? These basic maintenance checks should be done at the beginning of each major season..such as summer and the wintertime. This ensures that both heating and cooling systems will work properly and continuously throughout the summer and wintertime. 

Tulsa heat and air

Tulsa heat and air

Now while your basic maintenance check should be completed about twice a year… your cooling system also needs to be checked more in-depth. Remember, Snow Bear Heat and Air offer any first-time clients their first service fee for just $7!! Already our company is working hard to save you money! The cooling system maintenance check will be more in-depth than the basic maintenance check. Our technicians will start at the condensing unit, and then carefully inspect the contractor for any pits or burns.

If it is above 60 degrees, then our team also inspects the outdoor unit, check pump operation, flush the condensate lines. This in-depth system check really only needs to be done once a year. It is best to have this done by our Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC company at the end of spring. This is right before the hottest months start and will ensure your nice cool air all summer long!

If you have any questions about what materials, pricing options, products, we use, contact us today! You can find our phone number located on our website. Remember for any first-time customers, we will only charge you $7 for the service fee! This not only saves you money but gives you an idea about what our company looks like, the outstanding services and customer service we provide while offering 100% financing through high brand names!