Why You Need Tulsa HVAC Services

Picture this, it’s a freezing January day here in Tulsa Oklahoma, you’re enjoying the warmth and comfort in your home reading your favorite book. Slowly as the day passes by, you notice it’s getting colder and colder. You hop off your couch and take a look at your thermostat. What you see shocks you! Your home is ten degrees cooler than you prefer. You try hopelessly to get your heater to turn back on to no avail. Let’s face it, your heater is broken.

Often as homeowners we don’t plan, prepare or maybe you just forget to think ahead regarding situations that may spring up such as a broken heater, an air conditioning system that doesn’t work, or you forget to change out your air filters and clean your air filter system regularly and now you’re breathing in horrible dusty, dirty air.

It’s in these times of need that you not only want but need a Tulsa HVAC company you can trust to handle these situations in a professional manner, who are low cost and effective! Being prepared in these situations not only provide you peace of mind that you have confessor of heating and air conditioning available after making just one phone call. That is why Snow Bear Heat & Air is exactly what you are looking for!

Snow Bear Heat & Air has some amazing offers for all their Tulsa residents, but also 34 cities/towns in Texas! Snow Bear Heat & Air is a locally owned company that originally started out in Amarillo Texas, but they are rapidly growing!

As homeowners recognize the need they have for a company that’d trustworthy, honest, hard-working, and provides the highest rated Amarillo Texas HVAC provider, Snow Bear is able to expand and provide their services elsewhere.

So if you’re a homeowner who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma, don’t worry you won’t have to move to Texas to receive these amazing services! Snow Bear Heat & Air services the Tulsa Oklahoma area. So if you are a homeowner and you’re having issues with your heat and air systems, if you’re noticing your air quality inside your home is steadily declining, it’s time to contact Snow Bear Heat & Air.

No one likes working with a service provider who charges extremely high prices. That’s not something homeowners wake up and think “ Hmmm, I’m going to employ a company who is going to overcharge me, and not provide the results I want”. 

Which is why Snow Bear Heat & Air offers their first-time customers a price no one else can beat. For all first time customers needing Tulsa HVAC services, they will ONLY charge a $7 service fee. Not only do they charge such a low service fee, but they also offer all customers 100% financing options!

This way, especially in times of emergency like when your heater goes out in the middle of winter, or your Air Conditioning system blows out at the peak of summer, you won’t go into debt or blow all your savings on heat and air system.

Along with Snow Bear’s Tulsa HVAC services, they also provide preventive measures for your heat and air systems! Proper maintenance is highly important, and taking care of the small issues as they arise will not only lengthen the lifetime of your system, but it will guarantee savings in your bank account!

We will send a Tulsa HVAC technician out to your home to diagnose any problems, but also to create your unique maintenance plan, that’s tailored to your heat and air system. 


Our services such as your maintenance plan, providing excellent air quality, keeping your home cool during the summertime, and nice and toasty throughout the wintertime, there has never been a better time to work with Snow Bear Heat & Air than today! The cost of heating and cooling your home is constantly going up.

Our team will make it possible for you to explore other heating and cooling alternatives! We offer many variables so you can make the right decision that will provide you the results you need, an option that stays within your budget, and through a company that cares.

Some of the services Snow Bear Heat & Air provides are Air conditioning, Heating, Heat Pumps, Commercial HVAC, General HVAC, Maintenance Plans that are tailored to your specific systems, and 100% financing!

The great thing about all of these services is 1. You get to conduct your own trial run for just $7 and have a technician come out to your home and assess the situation. Then you can ask any questions you have about maintenance, preventative measures, and what kind of heating and air systems are the highest grade in the industry. And 2. If Snow Bear Heat & Air is a company you want to move forward, you will have a company on your side who handles it all!

They take care of all your Tulsa HVAC needs! Ranging from providing answers to your questions, sending one of their team members out regularly to check your system, air quality control, and replacement for any heat and air system!

We understand that there are other companies located in Texas and Tulsa Oklahoma who offer Tulsa HVAC services as well. So what sets us apart from all other service providers in the area? It is our no brainer deal! For all first time customers, their first service, the fee will only be $7!?! That is quite a bargain!

Not only are we putting money back in your wallet, but since we offer such a variety of services, you can count on us to be there any time you need it! We partner with Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Sears, and Sam’s Club! Now you can receive high-quality products from your local companies!

Many of our clients are saying that we are a “ Very reliable company”. “ Just probably the best businesses ever” and that we “ Responded right away and had a technician out within a few hours, and fixed the issue promptly”.

This is the quality of service that Snow Bear Heat & Air will provide you every single time! We are one phone call away, so give us a call at (806) 367-9416.