A heat and air Tulsa question for you! If your heat or air conditioning were to suddenly stop working, would you know what to do? Would you know where to begin searching so that you could locate the issue?

As heat and air Tulsa techs, we find that most homeowners do not know the ins and outs of their hvac systems. They wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between most parts! Now if you’re thinking this is you, don’t fret about it!

There are many other homeowners and business owners like you, and that’s okay! That’s why you have knowledge teams who have studied and learned this trade, to help you!

Snow Bear Heat and Air has been able to do just that for all their clients! They have helped those located in Amarillo Texas, and many surrounding cities! Because of their success, they have been able to expand their company, and have opened a heat and air Tulsa location in Tulsa Oklahoma.

They now run and operate a Tulsa Oklahoma office and will service the city of Tulsa and surrounding areas! So if you’re looking for a better Tulsa HVAC company service provider, you’re in luck!

Commonly Asked Heat and Air Tulsa Questions

Having questions shows that you have a curious mind/ and are interested in learning new information for a variety of reasons! So if you have any questions regarding Tulsa HVAC company services, feel free to contact Snow Bear Heat and Air today!

However, some commonly asked questions that we would be more than happy to answer are:

  • How often should I have my hvac system serviced?
  • When should I replace my Heater/Air Conditioning?
  • How much should I be paying for my heat and air Tulsa services?

Having your hvac system regularly serviced/checked/maintained is important! If you go without regular repairs and fixing the little things when needed, it could decrease the life expectancy of your systems! If you were not aware, it’s more often than not, MORE expensive to have your entire system replaced, rather than a part here or there. 

Typically your heat pumps and air conditioning units could typically last 10-20 yrs. So realistically if you take proper care of your air conditioning units, and heats pumps, your HVAC systems could last 10-20 years!

If you contact Snow Bear Heat and Air, they can visit your home/business and conduct a diagnosis of the state of your hvac systems. If this is your first time working with Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC company providers, you’ll only be charged $7 for the service fee!!

Varying on what kind of system you have, how long you’ve had it, and of course the manufacturer/provider your costs for your hvac system and maintenance can vary! However, if you are a new client of Snow Bear Heat and Air, during your first service, your service fee will only be $7!!

We also offer $0 money down, and 100% financing! We are also partnered with local well know names such as Lowe’s, The Home depot, Sears, and Sam’s Club! There you will have the privilege of choosing high-quality products from manufacturers such as Rheem, Daikin Air Intelligence, Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Lennox, and Champion Heating and Cooling.

Continual Maintenance Makes the World Go Round

While you have the ability to have high-grade products and systems installed and repaired by Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC companyHeat And Air Tulsa 0205 service providers, just like their lower-grade counterparts, if you don’t take care of them they won’t last! Now, this may seem like an epiphany, but I promise you this is how the rest of the world works. Whether it’s maintaining your car, home, relationships, diet, family, or finances, if you don’t make repairs and work hard to fix small issues, they will only grow into larger problems!

With Snow Bear Heat and Air, our first service fee for new clients will only be $7! However, once we provide you with a system diagnosis, we also provide you with a maintenance plan! This will lay out in detail how often you should have your heat and air Tulsa system checked, and what repairs( if any) need to be made!

Generally, your hvac systems only need to be checked about 2-3 times a year. Having your heat pumps. Air conditioning, air filtration systems checked right before the seasons when they’re used the most ( In the state of Oklahoma this is Summer/Winter) will ensure that they’re ready to go and no problems will arise!

The Snow Bear Heat and Air Difference

So what makes Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC service providers different from your local hvac companies? Well, I’ll gladly tell you why working with Snow Bear Heat and Air will be easier, more efficient, more cost-effective, and better than your previous hvac experiences!

First of all, Snow Bear Heat and Air originates from Amarillo Texas! That’s where the company started, and after employing and training hard-working individuals who know the ins and outs of the hvac trade, they have become Amarillo’s highest-rated and most reviewed hvac service providers! You don’t become the highest-rated for average work. 

Heat And Air Tulsa 8189We are a hard-working team who offers 24/7 emergency services, savings right from the start ( we only charge $7 for your first service charge if this is your first time working with us) and offer $0 money down, with 100% financing options!

Because we regularly learn, teach, and train our team members, we stay on top of all new/relevant changes in the hvac industry, we are able to provide an accurate diagnosis of your systems, and find other more affordable alternatives to heating and cooling your home!

You should read our reviews and schedule your first service visit for $7! We want you to see what the Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa experience is for yourself!  We will save you money by charging less, offering 100% financing, and providing you with a customized maintenance plan for your home/business!

If you have any questions in regards to hvac services, contact us to schedule your first appointment today!