When it comes to owning property, a home, apartments, or rental property, the costs can add up quite quickly! If you don’t plan accordingly or keep track of your costs, pretty soon you’ll find all your money going down the drain! So if you think you are overpaying to have your HVAC system serviced, contact Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa heat and air service providers today! They are new to the city of Tulsa Oklahoma but originate out of Amarillo Texas. 

They offer 24/7 emergency services, and if you haven’t ever worked with them before now( which my guess is you haven’t since they are new to town) you’ll be excited to know that for every new client your first service fee is just $7! In this first visit, they’ll assess your air conditioning, heating, and air filtration systems!

They’ll cover top to bottom to ensure they are working properly! If you take care of your HVAC system by making small repairs and maintenance when needed, rather than waiting for your entire system to stop functioning, it will actually save you money!

Not only will it save you money, but when you take care of something properly, it will increase the efficiency, functionality, and the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning systems! 

What Should I Do When My Heater and Air Conditioning Break Down?

Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summertime is important! You don’t want to freeze, or overheat! So before every extreme season such as Summer and Winter, Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa heat and air services advise that you have your system checked before the seasons begin. This way all issues and problems are dealt with and out of the way before the season actually begins!

Now if your heater breaks down in the middle of winter, we’re not going to throw you to the wolves and leave you to your own devices! No! Snow Bear Heat and Air offers 24/7 services all year round! We can come to your home, apartment, commercial property and provide our excellent services!

Our services technicians have been highly trained by skilled technicians in the trade. They have the proper knowledge of how to assess situations, diagnosis issues, and provide you with a detailed customized maintenance plan!

Now if your heater breaks down, or stops blowing warm air, it could be due to a variety of things! It could have to do with your heat pumps, smaller parts, or the system as a whole! If this is your first time using Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa heat and air services, we’ll only charge you $7 for your first service charge!

Because we want to allow you time to appraise our company and weigh out your different options before committing to anything! If you like what you see, then we’ll sit down with you and discuss what your next steps and options are.

We also offer all clients 100% financing! This way not only do you receive excellent services but quality, durable products from high-end companies that will last through time!

How Much Should HVAC Services Cost?    

Heat And Air Tulsa 8163Don’t we all wish to own, and maintaining our home would cost less?! We wish we could just pay pennies for services and products. However, in the real world, we often end up paying too much for goods and services due to the law of supply and demand! So if you are currently struggling to pay for your new HVAC system, or are questioning how much the company you’re currently with is charging, contact Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa heat and air services today! 

For our new clients, we help you save money immediately by charging you only $7 for your first service fee! We also take to the fix rather than replace the approach. Meaning, that we will look at a variety of options and find you the most cost-effective solution to the issue.

If we can solve the problem for a fraction of what it would cost to replace your entire system will usually opt for that. Because a well-maintained system could last a few years longer! Which could save you thousands of dollars!

We also offer no money down, and 100% financing! You can apply for financing online before your next meeting with us, or if you would like some instruction on how to complete the process, we would be more than happy to walk you step by step through the application process! There are three different credit tiers and options that you can apply/ qualify for. We’ll help you to the best of our abilities!

Should I finance My HVAC System?

Financing is an excellent option to pay for services especially if you can’t afford them upfront! Many homeowners and business owners often finance their HVAC systems, because it can be expensive paying upfront!

There is nothing wrong with financing your HVAC system, and no matter what your credit score is, we’ll help you through the application process. Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa heat and air service providers offer a variety of systems/products through our partners which are Sam’s Club, Sears, Home Depot. And Lowe’s. We make sure to provide you with products manufactured by Lennox, Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Rheem, Champion  Heating and Cooling, and Daikin Air Intelligence!

These are some of the best manufacturers out there! We want your system to last more than a few years, so we work hard to make sure we are using high-end products that are made through a trusted company!

If you have any questions about how to get in touch with Snow Bear Heat and Air give us a call today! We are Amarillo Texas’ highest-rated and most reviewed HVAC provider, and we can’t wait to show the residents of Tulsa Oklahoma the amazing services we provide, as well as the outstanding customer service, pricing, and hard work we put into every single job! Contact us today to schedule your first service, and only pay $7 for your first service fee!