What’s worse than having a heating and air cooling system that doesn’t work? Paying for a heating and air system that doesn’t work! This is why, as the highest-rated and most reviewed HVAC provider in Amarillo Texas, Snow Bear Heat and Air is ready to bring their services to Tulsa Oklahoma. Snow Bear Heat and Air provides a highly trained and qualified team of Tulsa HVAC service specialists! We will provide you with various services and ensure that your system works properly every day of the year!

We understand that having Tulsa HVAC service providers is so much more than a one time deal! Which is why Snow Bear Heat and Air offers their services 24/7! No matter the time of day or night, they will hop in their service vehicles and help you as quickly as possible! By providing 24-hour services, we can reach many clientele who often have to settle for working with HVAC companies who are inconvenient.

Not only does Snow Bear Heat and Air have a specialized team of Tulsa heating and air cooling and ventilation specialists, but we provide numerous services such as : Air Conditioning, Heating, Repair/Replacement Heat Pumps, Commercial HVAC, General HVAC, 100% Financing options, and maintenance plans! Our maintenance plans ensure your equipment is always running at top-notch! Especially living in Oklahoma, you need a system that can keep up with the sporadic weather! Our maintenance plan allows our team to inspect ready accessible ducts, your air filtration system, the unit wiring and electrical disconnect, and the blower wheel and motor. 

Our Tulsa HVAC team dives deeper into maintenance checks for your cooling and heating system.

  You need someone who knows what they’re doing. If you are inspecting your gas lines, or electrical outputs/wiring, you need someone who is capable of diagnosing the issue and finding a relevant solution. After deep-diving into any issues, and after our team has checked over everything, we will speak with you about what needs to be done, the best course  of action to take, and how much it will cost. 

We will then provide you with an agreement that you should carefully read over after assessing our maintenance plan. Our Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC team can then get to work! Convenience doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, for the meager price  of $7 we’ll send one of our technicians out to your home or commercial property, and we’ll deep dive and assess the situation for $7 bucks! It doesn’t get better than that.

If you decide to move ahead with Snow Bear Heat and Air you won’t regret it! We partner with brand names such as : The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and Sears. We can then provide you equipment and heat and air systems from highly valued manufacturers such as: Champion Heating and Cooling, Rheem, Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Lennox, and Daikin Air Intelligence. This ensures high quality equipment that will last longer, and provide you better results!

We make high quality equipment affordable for everyone! Which is why Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC offers 100% financing options available! Our team will sit down with you and discuss what options for financing are available to you! We will search until we find a financing option that meets your needs. It will be an option that makes the most sense to you, and for what you’re needing. So if you would like to find out more information about how our team can help you get started on applying for financing today, contact us now!

Making this entire process as easy as possible is what we do! You shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to repair or replace your air conditioner or your heater. We not only offer you a variety of financing options, but also heating and cooling units, systems, and equipment from several different manufacturers, so that have the ability to select the option that works best for you. You will never have to settle when you work with Snow Bear Heat and Air.

One of the financing companies Snow Bear Heat and Air works with is Foundation Finance. They have three different tiers for credit approval. Whether you have phenomenal credit, or even if your credit is in the gutter, we can offer different payment plans. Tier one, or SuperPrime offers clientele with the best credit great payment plans. PrimePlus or the second tier is typical or our standard payment plan. And the third tier is known as Standard. The latter two options typically deal with those who have poor credit. Whether you have fantastic credit, bad credit, many people are in need of financing. Especially when life throws you a curveball and catches you off guard with unplanned expenses.

There are five steps to applying and getting approved for credit! Snow Bear Heat and Air makes this entire process incredibly easy! The first step is filling out the form…how easy is that! When filling out the form you need to ensure that you are accurately providing your income, and all other parts of the form truthfully and to the best of your knowledge! Once you are approved you and your representative will get in touch with you in regards to terms of financing and what is required. After you sign all the necessary paperwork you will receive verification that everything has gone through. Your representative will handle a majority of the paperwork to make this process as easy as possible for you!

Snow Bear Heat and Air can’t wait to show you what their Tulsa hVAC team can provide! They are hard-working, honest, and qualified individuals who are great at what they do! If you would like to test the waters and see for yourself contact us today and we will provide you your first diagnosis service fee for just $7!! Check out our reviews today and get a glimpse into the services you will be receiving and the kind of people you will be working with!