The one thing we can guarantee when you use our company is not only the great
work you will receive but the staff that will help you everyday. This all starts with the
owner Daniel Ramos. He found out early on that he enjoyed working with his hands and
that staying inside was not really meant for him. So he got his start working for about
10-12 hours a day just to keep his business up and running. He worked hard everyday
to get his jobs done slowly trying to build up a start where he can make his company
come to life. He started out as Daniels Heating & Air just so he could have his name as
his company. Well after all his hard work it finally paid off when he was able to land a
contract to jump start his career. This is when he decided to adapt the name Snow Bear
Heat and Air. Since then Daniel has been able to build up a team behind him so he
would not have to work these long 10-12 hour days. He is now able to support his team
to get the jobs done. Allow us to show you helpful we can be for your heat & air Wichita Falls needs.

The need to have your heat & air Wichita Falls to be up and running
when it needs to be. As you can tell Daniel works hard to provide great honest work for
his customers. Though something you may not know about him is that he tries to give
back to his community when he can. The first thing he has set up is our $7 diagnosis
fee that gets sent to Another Chance House in Amarillo. He has it set up where every
time we get you on our schedule with that $7 we send it straight to them to help them
with what they do there. So not only are you getting a great deal when you go through
with our $7 diagnosis fee but also supporting a great cause in the local area to help men
have a better chance. We love the work they do; we fully support what they stand for.
They help with homelessness specially for men, many who are U.S. Veterans. Another
Chance House helps them enter back into society the best they can. Call us today to
help with your heat & air Wichita Falls needs.

As if helping with Another Chance Home, Daniel does not stop there when it
comes to giving back. Daniel had set up a trip where he went to Belize to help even
more down there. Daniel, his wife Janet, and some people from the office go down to
help with what he needed done down there. Daniel went down to install systems for
free. He installed them in places like schools, churches, and places where they needed
it most. This is something he does just out of the kindness of his heart. While he is
working out days in and out his wife Janet is providing dental work to the surrounding
areas. Janet is a dentist so again just like her husband she is doing this out of the
kindness of her heart. They have been put in position after their hard work it took to get
where they are today. They are very blessed to be where they are so they decided to
pay back that kindness by going there to help those in need. They have plans to do
more work and are always looking for ways to give back. Call us to talk to these
amazing people to take care of your heat & air Wichita Falls needs.

Well once Daniel got his start in his company in Amarillo he decided he wanted
to expand to service even more people now that his company is growing. That is why
we want to take care of your heat & air Wichita Falls needs. He is able to have a great
team behind him so he can focus on expanding. This is where his manager, Karen
Kirby, comes in to really help with the workload we have here in the office. She has
worked her way to the manager position so that Daniel can trust her enough to leave
the company in her hands and to make some big decisions. Karen not only runs the
office and manages the team we have here, she also helps Daniel keep track on what is
going on. She has daily meetings with him to just update him on what is happening
around the office and the company. She is always busy working hard to help expand the
business on trying to find some commercial work for Daniel so we can keep growing the
way it needs to. This is why we can be an amazing choice for your heat & air Wichita Falls needs.

So after all this and seeing what we have done as a company, what would stop
you from using our company for any of your heat & air Wichita Falls needs for HVAC.
We have certified technicians ready to help you out with what is wrong with your unit.
With that $7 diagnosis fee we can go out to your home and find out what is going on
with your unit. As long as it is central heat & air we can do our best to find what’s going
on with the unit and bring to your attention what we believe would be the best fix for this
problem. So we will never do work without your consent. We want you to know what it is
you are paying for and what it is we are doing at all times. So we have our technicians
ready to explain all this to you and as clear as they can. If you do agree then the great
part about our company then as long as the part is not specific to your home we can
have you up and running. This is because we carry universal parts for your unit to have
it running like it should Call us today at 806-367-9416 to take care of your HVAC needs.