When you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air for your heat & air Wichita Falls repairs you
are not only choosing a good company but you are choosing the company that cares about
helping others. When you choose our company for the first time and that $7 diagnosis fee we
have for our new customers get donated to a good cause. We donate them to Another Chance
House. This is something the owner, Daniel Ramos, has had set up with them where we drop
off a check to them. Another Chance Home is a place that helps retired veterans that might
become homeless. They give them a home and help them join back into society. They want to
help these men that in this area face unfortunate events in the area. They had something taken
from them so Another Chance Home helps them get the skills they need to join back into
society. They work with them on a daily basis to give them the tools and the skills they will need
when trying to get back out there.

They have been helping men in the area for the past 30 years
and with the help of that donation they can continue to provide this service for these men.
Though Snow Bear Heat and Air does not stop there! Yes we are a great choice for
heat & air Wichita Falls repairs! Though again the owner, Daniel Ramos, loves to give back to his
community. He has set up trips to Belize where he himself and some of his team have gone
down there to help the people that need it most. He builds units there for schools and local
buildings to give them the cool air where they need it most. While he is there he is building a
great reputation with the people that live there. After he saw how he could help he didn’t
hesitate to do so. He did not stop there though. Daniel has something else set up in the near
future that we can not wait to share with you. He is planning to do some more construction for
those who need it most and is in contact with who he needs to so he can try to have this set up
for his next trip. So not only are you choosing the right company for your task at hand but you
are choosing the company that cares enough to give back to those in need.

Well here is a little more about Daniel Ramos the owner of Snow Bear Heat and Air. He
wants to provide you with the best heat & air Wichita Falls repairs he can and has worked hard
to get his company where it is today! Though the company did start off as Daniels Heating and
Air but after the growth of his company he decided to go through a name change to Snow Bear
Heat and Air. While in school he noticed that he enjoyed working with his hands and that he
would enjoy that more than working in an office. So he started his dream working anywhere
from 12-14 hours a day to meet the needs of his customers. He wanted to bring the best he
could for his customers and would work hard to ensure this would happen everyday. He took
classes to help him get where he wanted in his trade. This allowed him to gain the knowledge
he needed to become a great technician. After working hard to build up what he needed he was
able to land a contract that would help him bring his company where he wanted it!

Daniel wants to bring the best he can for your heat & air Wichita Falls needs! So after
landing that contract he was able to build up a team. This allowed him more free time to build up
the company even more than he already has. He trains his technicians every morning to have
them ready for the day. He likes to go over new things that he believes will help his technicians
improve for future jobs. Daniel usually handles the jobs with the technicians making sure they
are ready for their days ahead for your heat & air Wichita Falls repairs! While he is taking care of
this he has his manager, Karen Kirby, take care of the day to day in the office. Though her
responsibilities don’t only stop there. She helps Daniel with the business by helping him while
he is away or even talking to potential clients to have them use us for their heat & air Wichita
Falls needs. This allows Daniel to focus on what he needs to so he can trust that the company
is in good hands while he is away. All of the office staff and the technicians are always in
contact with Karen when she is in the office.

So you know what it is like when you call into the office someone on our friendly staff will
assist you. We will ask you for your information like your name, address, and what is going on
with your unit. Our knowledgeable staff will get as much information about your unit that we
think our technicians will need to help you with your issue at hand. We like to ask a basic set of
questions because we understand that everyone knows everything there is to know about
HVAC. We like to keep it simple to make sure you might be able to answer these questions.
Though do not worry if you can not answer these questions we only ask them to give our
technicians just a little more information before they head out to your home with our heat & air Wichita Falls team.
We want to be as ready as possible to help you when you need it most. Once we have all the information we need
then we can have you on the schedule that works best for you. We allot a 2 hour time frame to
give us enough time to help diagnose the problem for you and provide a fix for your unit. So call
us and have us give you the best service Snow Bear Heat and Air can offer.