We are partnered with some local stores that you probably shop at as a homeowner.
These stores include Lowes and Home Depots. What this means is that they trust us as a
company to send their customers that have come into their stores with HVAC needs for the heat
and air in Wichita Falls. When a customer comes into their store they can easily be sent over to
it via a portal we have with the stores. A customer will go into the store and give their
information to the associate that will then send it over to our heat & air Wichita Falls team!
We receive your information and can come in contact with you within the day or the very next. We want
to get with you as soon as possible because we know that this is something that wants to get started right away since
you did come into the store looking for help. There are some days where you can even see us
there because sometimes we send our office staff to help with the associates and to help with
the customers. The great part about us being partnered with these stores is that you can use
the card you have for either store and put it towards the install or repairs.

If you do not have a card for either store and were not able to apply for one while you
were at the store then we can easily help you out over the phone. We will ask you if it is okay to
ask for your information for the application then help you process it or we can stay on the line
with you while you are feeling it out so if any questions come up we can easily assist you. The
great part is if you are approved for your heat & air Wichita Falls repairs or installs then we
use a temporary card to have you started right away. They will email over the card to you later
but we will immediately receive a card to use for the project. If for some reason you are not are
not approved for this job then we do not stop there. We also have a third party we use for our
customers and just like the other applications we can easily assist you on them. The great part
is we can tell you if you are approved or not in the first 15 minutes!

When you call for heat & air Wichita Falls installs or repairs our staff will be ready to
help you. If you are ready to look into installing new equipment then we can help with that as
well. We offer several options and will gladly help you run through each one. We try to give you
a good, better, and best option for you so you do not just have one choice for your home. Our
staff is ready for your questions when you call into and will explain the difference in each choice.
We understand that it will be a lot of information for you when you call in and will not remember
everything being said over the phone. This is why we will also email over all that we talked
about so you do not have to remember all that we spoke about on the phone. We know that
people make choices with their significant other so this will make it easier when it comes to
making that choice for you home. Also never hesitate to call us if you have more questions or
need us to explain more details for your heat & air Wichita Falls install.

So your family needs some heat & air Wichita Falls repairs and it is late in the evening
and all the other companies are closed. Well the good thing is we are open 24/7 and can have
someone out there when you need us most. This is something we take pride in because we
know an emergency can happen at any moment so we like to be ready to help when you need it
most. The technicians even have parts on their truck so there is no need for us to leave your
home and go get the part needed to help you. We like to save time that way so you can be
comfortable in your home again with your family. After a long day no one wants to come home
to their unit not running so it can be frustrating when you click it on and you do not feel the heat
or air coming out your unit. We want to ease that frustration as soon as we can so being open
24/7 is great for our customer to have them up and running as soon as possible! So call us
today for your heat & air Wichita Falls needs!

Though again we do enjoy saving our customers money and making it easier in the
future for their homes. This is why we offer maintenance plans for our customers. With these
plans you can save 15% on future repairs or installs. You also get priority scheduling over
non-contracted customers. We also do two checks during the year with this as well. Once before
the summer and the other before the winter. This is to just make sure your unit is ready for those
big season changes. We want you to be ready and know your unit is going to be ready to
perform and catch any problems before they cause bigger problems in the future. This can be
paid up front or you can sign up for the monthly payment option. So you can choose what works
best for you. They come with other benefits with these maintenance plans so call into the office
and see how we can take care of you today. Come join our happy customers for our heat & air Wichita Falls services and see what we
can do for you to make your unit ready for the summer and winter. Call us today and see what
we can do for you!