As a business owner you do everything to keep your company and team members smooth sailing! That means keeping clients happy, and your employees happy as well! So when it’s in the middle of the summer time and your air conditioning system stops working for no reason, it’s impertinent to not solve the problem as quickly as possible! However if it’s an extremely hot summer in Oklahoma, most likely you were not the only one to experience an air conditioning break down. So all the local Tulsa HVAC repair providers are going to increase their prices, and be tied up working elsewhere!

This situation is exactly why you need a 24 hour Tulsa HVAC repair service provider!  They will be able to reach you at the most convenient times! Maybe you need a service technician early in the morning before all your employees show up to work. Maybe you’re already planning on working a late night and decide to knock two birds out with one stone. Snow Bear Heat and Air offers 24 hour emergency services seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Snow Bear Heat and Air is new to the Tulsa HVAC repair service providers. Snow Bear Heat and Air was founded in Amarillo Texas and rapidly grew to provide services in many other areas of Texas. Some of the cities in Texas Snow Bear Heat and Air service are: Amarillo, Pampa, Dumas, Waco, Channing, Canyon, Panhandle, Levelland, and Wichita Falls. However, their service providers don’t stop at the borders of Texas. Snow Bear Heat and Air has recently joined the city of Tulsa Oklahoma! So if you’re a homeowner or business owner in need of Heat and Air, as well as ventilation and air quality services, check out Snow Bear Heat and Air today!

We are ready to provide for all your Tulsa HVAC Repair needs! We specialize in Air Conditioning, Heating, Heat Pumps, Commercial HVAC, General HVAC, and providing all our customers with maintenance plans! While we are an experienced hardworking company, we are more affordable than any other HVAC provider in Tulsa and Amarillo Texas! For every client trying us out for the first time, we will only charge you a $7 service fee!! That’s incredible! There is no one else in Tulsa Oklahoma who will only charge you $7 for your first service fee!

Not only is Snow Bear Heat and Air putting money back in your wallet, but we also offer 100% financing options so that every resident and business owner can afford helpful service and manufactured goods that are the highest quality in the industry! Snow Bear Heat and Air partners with The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Sears to bring you products from Daikin Air Intelligence, Lennox, Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Rheem and Champion Heating and Cooling! Our team members will sit down with you and discuss each and every financing option with you. After you both have covered every financing option we will get you started on applying for the one that makes the most sense for you!

Once again, there is no one else in Tulsa Oklahoma who charges their first clients just $7 for their first service fee! Snow Bear Heat and Air makes things happen! You won’t be wondering where are team members are, because we will give you an exact time of when our team will show up. We won’t provide you a vague service time where we could show up any time of the day. Our Snow Bear Heat and Air is a hardworking team, who relies on principles such as honesty, hard work, and the premise to help one another! We provide various services for our clients through our Tulsa HVAC repair providers! We work through transparency so that at any time you feel confident and comfortable with asking our team any questions you have. There are some shady companies out there who won’t tell you what they charge, how much the systems/product cost, and are generally hard to work with. You need a company you can trust!

Not only are we transparent with our prices, services and our company, but we are ready to help at a moment’s notice! We offer and provide our clients 24 hour services! If in case of an emergency our Tulsa HVAC team will be ready to help you! So if your air conditioning system goes out, or your heat pump needs to be replaced in the middle of winter…we are your company!

We also believe in breath clean, fresh, high-quality air! We make sure that the quality of your air indoors is just as clean and fresh as if you were in the middle of the rainforest! Regardless of the reason our service team comes out to your home or business, we will also leave with you a maintenance plan! This plan will detail and give you the information of when repairs and regular maintenance needs to happen! Our team will be out there regularly to ensure that your systems are still working properly! 

Snow Bear Heat and Air provides excellent services to all Tulsa Oklahoma residents, and anyone living in or near Amarillo Texas, as well as many other cities that are covered in Texas. We make sure our prices are affordable by charging $7 for first time clients service fee. We also ensure that you get the most bang for your buck by providing 100% financing options, that we will gladly go over with you to find the perfect fit for your bank account!

Snow Bear Heat and Air has the experience needed to provide the city of Tulsa with the Tulsa HVAC services that you need! It’s time for you to experience the greatness and high quality that everyone is talking about for yourself! Our company is quickly expanding because we understand what many residents and business owners need and want from their HVAC providers. By covering all their needs and making sure we can offer them affordable prices, and numerous services we have become the company that all residents can rely on 24 hours a day, seven days a week!