1. A Tulsa HVAC Company That Covers All the Bases For You

Snow Bear Heat and Air has been able to provide helpful and needed services for many consumers! Don’t you hate it when you have to work with several different companies or set several house/services calls to get all of your Tulsa HVAC issues taken care of? We understand how frustrating it can be! Which is exactly why Snow Bear Heat and Air offers such diverse services. Our service team and technicians can not only get to the source of the problem quickly but if we discover multiple issues while providing your first diagnosis service for just $7, then we will address them all head-on.

We offer repair/maintenance, and installation for your air quality system, which helps purify your air quality. Your cooling system, your heating system, all heat pumps and parts, as well as providing your customized maintenance plan for your home and hvac systems.

  1. We offer 24/7 Tulsa HVAC Assistance

One thing that sets Snow Bear Heat and Air apart from all of our competitors offering Tulsa HVAC services, is we offer 24/7 assistance! So regardless of the time of day, if you have an emergency or need a service technician to make a service call, we’ll head out there immediately! You can’t control when emergencies happen, but you can control how you deal with them. Our HVAC team will be right there, to not just temporarily fix the issue, but fix it for good!

  1. Snow Bear Heat & Air Offers 100% Financing or Heat and Air Tulsa Units

Sometimes life catches us by surprise! That being said as a homeowner you may not be prepared for your heating or cooling system to break down. You may not financially be able to cover all the necessary costs.  So if you find yourself in a situation where you NEED to have the issue fixed right away and you just don’t quite have enough, don’t worry about it! Snow Bear Heat and Air offers 100% financing and we offer many options/payment plans. So whether you have excellent credit, or you don’t have the greatest credit, we’ll find the perfect option for you. 

Our team will sit down with you and discuss how simple this process can be. With just five simple steps you’ll be approved for a payment plan in no time!

  1. Brands and Manufacturers You Can Trust

Snow Bear Heat and Air doesn’t just temporarily fix a problem. Our Tulsa HVAC team first starts by diagnosing your heat and air systems. This is how we determine what the issue is, and did I mention that we charge all new customers just $7 for the service fee?! Whether we are repairing a part of the system, or fully installing a new system we make sure to get the best products out there! In order to make this happen, we partner with Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Sears. That way we can provide you products from manufacturers such as Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, Daikin Air Intelligence, Lennox, Champion Heating and Cooling, and Rheem.

We offer 100% financing options to make all this affordable and ready to use for all our consumers. That is why Snow Bear Heat and Air is different! We care about our clients, consumers, and community. Not just about turning a profit.

  1. Conscious of the Consumer

Snow Bear Heat and Air is conscious of our consumers! Which is why we offer all new clients their first service fee for just $7!! Our company is already putting money back in your pockets. We partner with local companies  such as Sears, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sam’s Club to make all great products available to you! We also offer 24/7 assistance to ensure you’re in good hands every hour of the day!

  1. Highest Rated & Most Reviewed in Amarillo Texas

Snow Bear Heat and Air is the highest rated and most reviewed HVAC provider in Amarillo Texas! That is exactly why they are expanding to Tulsa! You don’t get to be the highest and most reviewed by being ordinary. Which is why Snow Bear Heat and Air provides extraordinary prices, goods, and services! We are hard working, honest, transparent, and affordable! We will always be upfront and forward with you with any problems, issues, and solutions! 

  1. Substantial Savings Starting Right Away

If you have never experienced the Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC way before, boy are you in for a surprise! Right off the back we are concerned with providing excellent services with great customer service, and affordable prices! If this is your first time working with Snow Bear Heat and Air, you’ll only be charged $7 for your first diagnosis service fee.

  1. Your Maintenance Plan

Depending on how often you use your heat and cooling systems, the climate you reside in, and the quality and brand of the systems you use, the repair and maintenance plan will vary! So after looking over your systems, we will sit down and discuss the maintenance plan. That way you are included in the loop and will know exactly when to have a service technician work on any of your Tulsa HVAC needs.

  1. Hardworking, Honest, and Reliable

There’s nothing more refreshing than working with a company that cares! Working with a service team that you can trust to come over and work in your home any time of day! We will be honest about what issues and problems your system has, and how to properly deal with them. Before we ever repair or replace anything we will always get the green light from you. To ensure that you are on board with every cost and replacement we do!

  1. Snow Bear Heat & Air, It’s What We Do

When your heat or air systems suddenly stop working we will be there for you! With 24/7 services provided we promise to be knowledgeable, helpful for every occasion! No matter how many questions you have, we are here to offer our services. We offer 100% financing so no matter what stage of life you’re in you can afford the services you need! Snow Bear Heat and Air Tulsa HVAC providers care about our clients…it’s what we do!