Trane has been in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business for more than 100 years, so when you need something reliable, you absolutely can not go wrong with purchasing this product. They are the only major manufacturer that create their own compressors. Snowbear Heating & Air can relate to this as a locally owned business. We agree that when it comes from home, it is just that much better. All it takes is a $7 service fee to get one of our certified technicians out to your home to get the process started today!

Snowbear Heating & Air is the highest rated service provider in Amarillo and surrounding areas for all your HVAC needs, we want to provide you with the best and most reliable products we know of. With a $7 service fee, we can get you onto our schedule to see if Trane is something you and your family would be interested in looking into! Trane offers a 10-year minimum warranty on all compressor units, coils, and parts and a 20 year minimum warranty on heat exchangers.

When it comes to Trane products, they test all their products with an extreme environmental test lab. It is just one of the many tests they put their outdoor products through to make sure it can sustain any and all weather. Their products go through a rigorous 16 week all weather set up, just to ensure that your products will hold up to any weather that may come through. Living in the panhandle, the weather is extremely unpredictable and you will want something that can withstand it. Trane is constantly working toward building better and stronger units so that they may be reliable for a very long time.

Trane air conditioners and heat pumps have a feature on them referred to as staging. This refers to the air conditioners or heat pumps ability to run at less than its maximum capacity in order to increase comfort levels and to boost efficiency for you and your family. We stand-by this product due to its ability to be economically friendly. In order to get this efficient product in your home today, give us a call at Snowbear Heating and Air. It is only a $7 service fee to get our certified technicians in your home today and get you an energy efficient, overly capable, Trane unit.

When you choose Snowbear Heating & Air for all your HVAC needs, we get the pleasure of informing you on all the remarkable features Trane has to offer. Trane Trucomfort systems work seamlessly with a home smart system called Nexia that allows you to manage your homes heating and cooling systems remotely. All you need is a smartphone, computer or tablet. Nexia can also be expanded to include remote management of locks, video surveillance, shades, energy usage, lights, garage doors and more! Choosing the best rated heating and air conditioning service provider in the Amarillo area to give you some of the best equipment around starts off with only paying a $7 service fee!

Discover the many advantages of a Trane Trucomfort variable speed system through Snowbear Heating and & Air. Regular air conditioner or heating systems tend to leave gaps in comfort in-between cycles which is most likely cause if you are feeling too warm or too cold at times during a typical day in your home! Trucomfort also can adjust its speed and conserves fuel while maintaining the temperature and comfort level you’ve set! Join the partnership between Trane and Snowbear Heating and Air and allows us to bring comfort to your home!

With Trane they offer whats called an all-aluminum comfort coil. the advantage to the aluminum vs. copper, is higher efficiency, and greater comfort. Trane is the first in the industry to make the first all-aluminum indoor coil, and not they make every coil like this. when you call snow bear heating and air, most reviewed Amarillo air conditioning service provider, and set up an appointment, and lock in your spot on our schedule for only $7, we can get it installed for you!!

Trane offers up to 12 outdoor heat pumps. each outdoor heat pump has different qualities, and features that would make your home a more comfortable place. they also have up to 12 outdoor air conditioners also, along with 14 packages units. when it comes to indoor gas furnaces, Trane has a total of 13 available to offer you! we have already touched base somewhat on how awesome the technology is, but when we talk about the thermostats, they have a handful to choose from! from touch screen, to just easy to operate, plain jane one. the option is all yours! for only a $7 service fee, you will have a spot in our schedule book!

Trane carries 11 different types of indoor air handlers for your convenience.for only a small $7 diagnostic fee, we can have one of our highly qualified and certified technicians out to your home to install one of these great products! all it takes is a phone call to our office in Amarillo, and we can have snow bear heating and air conditioning, Amarillo’s highest rated service provider, out there at your convenience.

For a service fee of just $7 snow bear heating and air will come out to your home at a time you can schedule with one of our great office staff to give you a full assessment of your heating and air conditioning systems. from there we can recommend a service that will be a great fit for you and your family financially, and environmentally. snow bear heating and air conditioning strives to be the absolute best in the Amarillo and surrounding areas to give our customers the satisfaction they deserve. we hold our top ranked and certified technicians to the highest level of accountability, and respect. therefore, Trane is one of the highest ranked heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment we can offer! we hope that you always choose snow bear heating and air conditioning for all your HVAC services! don’t forget, all it takes is a small $7 service fee to get our technicians into your home to give you a full evaluation of your heating and air conditioning units!!