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Are you looking for a career that has room for growth? Looking for a great income and a great place to work? If you are looking for a company with a great team, we would love to speak with you! You have a chance to make an estimated salary of anywhere from $40k-$70k depending on your experience and any bonuses that will be included. This position is most likely for someone who works hard, maintains integrity and is prepared for self growth. We are always building as a team and looking for an individual with high energy. If this sounds like you, we would love for you to apply!

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Snow Bear Heat & Air is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company based in Amarillo, Texas.

We do commercial and residential work and are growing each day. We have been in business for multiple years and would like a bigger team to help us keep flourishing. It is a very high energy and fast paced company but it comes with many rewards! The positions include Lead Install Technicians, Service Technicians, and Technician Helpers. We are also hiring for Customer Service Representatives, Sales Representatives, and Financing Representatives for our call center. These positions are all seen as equals on our team and every staff member is an important extension of the company with their own set of skills! These positions come with sales bonuses, competitive pay and benefits We can and will also offer opportunities for schooling and/or the furthering of your education if the correct work ethic is seen! Our hope is for our employees to grow with us as a company and a team.

Technicians can come from many backgrounds. With the appropriate experience and knowledge, it is possible to get licensed while working under this company and advanced to a Lead Install Technician or Service Technician. Our company is all about learning and gaining experiences before being thrown into anything. We also hire Technician Helpers which help the Lead Installers and Service Technicians on their work orders. This allows an individual to learn and gain on-the-job experience. They ride along with them and assist them during each call while also shadowing them to learn more about the company and HVAC world. Service technicians will handle the majority of the residential calls, going to customer’s homes, giving quotes for repairs, and following through with those repairs. Service technicians are licensed and certified prior to hiring and may work on installs if free or needed for a major job.

Lead Install Technicians are hired to take on complete installs for commercial and residential.

This includes but its not limited to cleaning out the old unit, quoting and the complete installation of a furnace, coil and condenser. This type of technician may go out on service calls if business calls for it. All technicians have the opportunity to get sales bonuses! If you are able to sell equipment separate from what is needed for the repair, you get extra money in your pocket! This is not limited in any way and bonus prices depend on the piece of equipment sold. Those prices can be discussed with an Office Manager any time. Again, the company is also open to paying for further education and licensing if the technician is up to the challenge! Pay is based on work ethic and experience in the field and raises are given according to each employee’s performance. You can start earning upward of $60,000 a year! Work in an upbeat merit-based pay environment where you can outearn other technicians by up to 20%.

Our call center will be the main intersection for business. Here is where we create work orders, take payments and schedule technicians along with other various tasks. Customer Service Representatives will answer phones and work with customers on scheduling, payments and answering an array of questions about the business and the services we provide. Sales representatives will be mainly focused on gaining leads and customers through the purchasing of new equipment. Lastly, our financing department will be helping customers who would like to purchase new equipment apply for and gain financing information. This will likely be a way to complete sales which means these employees must be well versed in the financing process and sales skills. Pay is based on productivity and experience. These employees are also welcomed to the continuation of their education if the company sees the correct skills being displayed for their position and that education benefits them in the company. They may also take part in bonuses from sold equipment during calls or for complete installs. Again, the bonus depends on which equipment is sold separate from what the customer needs and those prices may be discussed with the Office Manager.

Snow Bear Heat & Air is a company based on diligence and hard work. We are an organically grown company that has earned each customer through our great customer service and knowledge in our field. We would like to continue doing so as the company grows. With a great staff on our team, that goal is easily obtainable. If you would like to be part of a team that is willing to grow with you, apply now! These positions are full of opportunity and benefits for a motivated and determined future employee. We are proud of our brand and the company we have created thus far.

 If you are ready for high energy, bonuses and a fast paced environment, apply now for one of many positions available. We are always looking for great people who have the want and motivation to further themselves. Snow Bear Heat & Air is obsessed with providing the best, quality service for our customers. That entails hiring employees that are willing to go above and beyond to find answers and resolve issues. If you are ready to begin a completely new adventure, you can give us a call for more information, or to apply! We are ready to supply every opportunity for improvement and growth if you are ready to work hard and efficiently! This business is all about being a team while focusing on the task at hand! You can count on a positive, high energy, and fast-paced environment every day and we are only getting busier! Apply today and see that a career in the HVAC world with us is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up on. There are endless ways to prosper with this company so join us today!

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