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 There are many locations and lots available to open a business on and we chose San Angelo, Texas to be our next heat and air San Angelo home away from home! If you are in the market and in the area, we have something to talk about! We are offering a $7 service fee for first-time customers. This means we can get one of our amazing technicians to your home or business to diagnose your heat and air San Angelo unit for just $7. They will offer a quote for the work being done, and from there it is all up to you. If you are ready to complete this repair, we can get it started as soon as the parts and availability is ready. We want your unit to work just as good, if not better after we complete the job. Our customers deserve the best service and we are the company devoted to giving it. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, give our office a call at 806-367-9416 at any time. Snow Bear Heat & Air is a different kind of HVAC company, see how today!

If you have looked into new equipment or are up to date on your existing equipment’s needs, you’re aware that R22 is phasing out. The refrigerant that is in older equipment (before 2010) will no longer be manufactured after January 1st of 2020. R22 has been deemed harmful to the environment and will be replaced by replacement refrigerants NU22, MO99, and 407C or by 410A. 410A will become the new industry standard and is loaded into all new equipment manufactured after 2010. This means that newer equipment is built to withstand the capabilities of a more efficient freon. Older equipment unfortunately is not. The older equipment will have to be flushed and cleaned out prior to adding any replacement refrigerants since none of them are capable of mixing. They’re contented/ingredients are not created to work together so mixing these freons will cause build-up and damage to your unit. The flush is a preventative measure to ensure the new freon is loaded without causing issues to the equipment then or in the coming time. Replacement refrigerants are in the mid-range of pricing but are more expensive than 410A, but still cheaper than R22. The decision to buy new equipment or change freons is dependent on your equipment and the investment. If your equipment is newer, you won’t have to worry about this. You are already set up with the new freon – 410A. If your equipment is older and has needed some repairs already, your electricity bill is high or your unit is not keeping up with its workload, it may be time to look at something new. These signs usually link to inefficiency in a unit and can cause investments towards the wrong things. Why invest in replacing your old freon if your unit only has a short time left? That’s where we come in! Let us help you discuss your options and decide what would be best for your equipment, budget, and home! We do offer heat and air San Angelo financing and free quotes if you are interested in those options. Call today!

We are thrilled to be joining another community once again. We are a company devoted to serving our customers and that means going far and beyond to reach them! If you are in the San Angelo area and need a service call, allow us to handle that for you. Our $7 service fee allows us to diagnose your unit while giving you the time to consider the repair without any large fees. San Angelo is one of the major areas we cover. Amarillo, TX. is our corporate office, with Waco, TX., Wichita Falls, TX., and Lubbock, TX. following behind! We do travel to the surrounding areas as well. If you are curious if we service where you live, call us and ask. We would be happy to speak with you and discuss the possibilities. If you live in any of the places above, stop waiting for the unit to quit working. Get a heat and air San Angelo tune-up today and have your unit cleaned and inspected! This is preventative maintenance that can save you money in repairs and extend the life of your unit. We recommend getting them twice a year in order to keep everything maintained in your unit. These tune-ups can make you aware of an issue prior to it causing damage to other parts or affecting the function of your unit. It can also give you more time to decide on the course of action on replacing or repairing that part.

If you are unsure or curious about what your system may need when dealing with the R22 phase out, we would love to help! The regulations are fairly new and can cause a headache for an unsuspecting homeowner. If you would like to look at new equipment, discuss financing or get an over-the-phone estimate or an in-home estimate, just give us a call at 806-367-9416! We can discuss brands, tonnage, or any other additions/modifications you may be looking forward to! We are located all over Texas and even in Oklahoma. We are a 24 hour-service every day and are prepared with the knowledge to get your unit fixed up and going! Our service fee is just $7 for new customers and does not require any further purchases until you’re ready! We will provide you with a quote and let you decide what’s best for you, your budget and your home. Get scheduled today and get that unit back into working order ASAP! Our fantastic heat and air San Angelo technicians are waiting to solve the next problem for you! If you are ready for a new, more efficient, and up-to-date unit, call now and we can begin discussing the options available to you! Call at 806-367-9416 or visit our website snowbearair.com! San Angelo is our newest adventure but serving our customers is nothing new to us!

Snow Bear Heat & Air – San Angelo

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