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We are live in Lubbock, Texas! If you have been looking for a new option for all your HVAC Lubbock needs, now is the time to call! We are bringing the same great experience that you found in Amarillo to a new location. We are growing and we would like for you to grow with us. We are offering a $7 service fee for new customers and that fee will cover getting our technicians through the door and able to diagnose the unit. Once completed, the technician can offer a quote that will outline all work that needs to be done. You can choose if you would like to immediately accept that repair or give it some time to think about it. If you have any questions or concerns, then, of course, you can always call our office staff! We are a company that never stops running as we are open 24/7! We do offer emergency services and can help at any time you’re available to work with us! If you need a service call, quotes, maintenance or tune-up, just call and let us know what we can do for you! Our new location will be a new adventure with the same mission as the others: take care of our customers!

If you need a service call, just call the office and get scheduled with us for the soonest availability. We can go out and complete a full inspection on your unit. Once we have gathered what is wrong, we can give a report to you including a price and time frame for the repair. If you have any questions about the repair, please ask the HVAC Lubbock technician or one of our great office members so they can further explain. We also do preventative maintenance and tune-ups prior to the major seasons. These include cleaning and inspecting the unit before any problems occur to prevent a major repair from being needed in the future. These can catch small problems before they damage other parts of the equipment or cause an entire system malfunction. Preventive maintenance can be a lot of help in avoiding costly repairs or replacements and can save you the headache of dealing with unexpected issues. If you are interested in this service, call today and get scheduled with one of our certified technicians! We want to help before its urgent, save yourself the time and energy today!

Working with us is a different type of experience. We are not your average corporate office. We are a family growing and hoping to do for the community it is apart of. We are a company based in Amarillo, TX., and we cherish our hometown roots. We want to offer our customers a true and honest service at a great price. Repairs are enough of an issue without a company trying to scam you into buying parts you don’t need or buying for labor they won’t do. You can trust that we are honest about each part of the job and what your equipment specifically needs. We understand that each situation differs from home to home and that is why we offer quotes that are available for you to sit and think on. If you need any other information, our office can explain the pricing further, offer to finance or get you scheduled for that HVAC Lubbock repair. We are a family trying to help families get back to comfort as quickly and easily as possible. Call now and see what we can do for your unit and your home. We know how big of a change one repair can cause so get it fixed up today!

We are also preparing ourselves for the R22 phase out that will begin in January of 2020. This will affect homeowners that will need freon for their older equipment. Any equipment manufactured before 2010 will use R22 and will need to switch to R410-A refrigerant or a replacement refrigerant. R22 will be available temporarily afterward but only until each vendor sells out. Eventually it will no longer be sold anywhere and the homeowner will still have to flush their system and replace the freon. R22 will come at a high price and will only be a temporary fix. The money spent on R22 can be invested in new equipment or replacing the freon with an actual replacement freon. If your equipment is still using R22 refrigerant, it is probably an older unit that will, sooner rather than later, need repairs or to be replaced. We have a full explanation of this located on our website at snowbearair.com that goes in-depth about the different types of freon, what all the options are and why it is not only something to consider but something to prepare for! Unexpected changes can be overwhelming and a headache to deal with. However, if there is a plan involved, it can be dealt with ease. If you have any questions or concerns on what you should do, give us a call! 806-367-9416

We are very excited to be moving forward with our company and continuing to grow and be able to assist more individuals! If you are in the area, please give us a call and set up your first appointment today for just $7! We would love to help you repair that equipment so you may be able to get back to your comfort normal! If you need maintenance or a tune-up, we can get you scheduled for that too! If you would like a quote, call now and we can begin the process of getting you brand new equipment with warranties and labor included! Our flat-rate pricing makes is all-inclusive for our HVAC Lubbock customers! If there are any questions we can answer or there are any services not mentioned that you would like to schedule, call now and allow us to send out one of our terrific technicians! Here we come to Lubbock, TX! If you were looking for that fresh pair of eyes for all your HVAC needs, we are here!

Snow Bear Heat & Air – Lubbock

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