Indoor Air Quality


Here at Snow Bear Heat & Air, we are air experts! We know air pollution is not just an outdoor problem, it can contaminate your home life too. Its quality can affect your long term health and that of your families which makes it a pretty serious concern. You and your family deserve the best and we know we are capable of that! Therefore, we would be more than happy to get your home to a higher level of air quality. UV Lights and Humidifiers are just two ways to keep your home safe with fresh air and we know just how to install them. We also install Air Purifiers and Filters! Your home is your safe place and we want to be a part of the team that ensures
it stays that way!

We are heating and air conditioning perfectionists but we know an air quality problem when we see one. Even if your air quality is good, it is never too much to take the extra step for your family’s safety! We also install carbon monoxide alarms to ensure all bases are covered. We are the best air conditioner and heater repair service in Amarillo but let us show you what we can do for your air quality! To get an estimate or air quality evaluation, call us at (806)367-9416 and set up a diagnostic appointment for just $7 for first time customers! Let us help you get to the best standard of air for your home.

UV lights are a very under-rated but powerful tool. They are placed inside your system at home and are able to zap/hit any harmful bacteria before it enters your home to affect you. It can also help your AC unit to avoid any fungal growth while it runs day in and day out during those hot summer months. Without a UV light, the bacteria can multiply in your HVAC system and can become very dangerous for anyone with pre-existing health issues or otherwise, very worrisome for anybody who prefers a more sanitary home. UV lights can kill mold, viruses and an assortment of bacteria. They have been used in major stores, hospitals and restaurants. There are two types of UV lights that we can install with your system. They are Coil Sanitizing Lights or Air Sanitizing Lights. Coil Sanitizing Lights are for air conditioners due to the fact that they are always damp which can be grounds for plenty of bacteria and mold to grow. While the coils are working, they filter in air and all the particulates mixed into it. Those particulates could include animal fur, or dirt that can get caught on the wet surface inside and cause it to filter out poor quality air for you to breath in. The Coil Sanitizing  lamps can be one light or multiple. It stays on once installed and is installed directly above the coils so that the light can directly hit that specific area. Air sanitizing lights, on the other hand, are installed in the ductwork of a home. They are installed with the blower motor to turn on and off along with it. The purpose is to kill any air-borne germs and bacteria. They can be more on the expensive side compared to Coil Sanitizing Lights. Both are great ways to keep your air free of particulates and germs that can affect your family. Call our office at (806)367-9416 to set up an appointment!

Humidifiers work towards stabilizing the moisture and humidity in the air. They can be extremely helpful in climates like Texas that have very dry air year-around. They help fight the symptoms of the common cold and help prevent or ease dryness on sensitive areas such as the lips, nose and throat. They can bring that extra comfort needed in a home. Humidity actually plays a major role in how the heater or air conditioning system works in your home. If the air is holding a lot of moisture, then you will be cooler than what the temperature might read to be. If the air is dry, then the area will feel warmer. Humidifiers will add moisture to the air so as previously said, they work better in a warmer climate where air conditioner use is more prevalent. They can also help lower utility bills by assisting your unit work more efficiently.

Air purifiers and filters can be added on top of these things to add just that much more coverage for a comfortable home. However, these pieces of equipment can do great things on their own when installed correctly by experts. We would love to help get you to your own standard of comfort. Choosing products such as these are not easy and can be costly but here at Snow Bear Heat & Air, we work towards being efficient and simple. We want to complete the job successfully without costing you your entire wallet or a headache. Making sure each project is done and leaves you excited about your new addition to your home is a priority. Furthermore, your family’s health; UV Lights and humidifiers are great ways to protect them from invisible intruders. They clear the air of any dangerous bacteria, viruses, or mold so that you can live life blissfully unaware of those icky particulates.

Call us at (806)367-9416 to set up an appointment. We offer a $7 service fee to new customers to get you on the schedule and get our technicians out there to see what services you may need! We offer a variety of heater and air conditioner repairs, installments, and replacements. That same $7 can get you an estimate on any new equipment and/or labor. In any terms, we want to offer the best of work at the most appropriate price. Come in or call and set up an appointment to get started today on that new addition to your home. It’ll be worth the time and money spent when you see the major difference in your home’s comfort.