Goodman started in 1954 with Harold V. Goodman. He began his business in Houston, Texas. From the very start, Harold’s goal was for his equipment to perform for a very long time and to feel its reliability for years. Snowbear Heating & Air shares this goal and wants to provide reliability and dependability just the same. In the 1960’s, he became one of the biggest contractors for HVAC in the U.S. In 1975, he began Goodman as a manufacturing business and sought to fix the need for low-cost, high quality air conditioning systems. He felt no other manufacturer had done this thus far. Almost 10 years later, he also joined manufacturing selling heat pumps and air conditioning units. More recently in 2012, it became part of Daikin Industries. They are a worldwide manufacturer for air conditioning, heating and ventilation. Together, their focus is on new and environmentally friendly service. Snowbear Heating and Air shares this ideology. As the highest rated Amarillo air conditioning repair service, we want the products we recommend to be sturdy and dependable like us. With a $7 service fee, we can be out today looking at what you may need! The Goodman Brand offers all HVAC services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. They strive to provide the best temperature control, maximum energy savings, better indoor air quality and reliable service and equipment. They truly care about what the customer expects from their products and plan to maintain that standard each and every time as do we here at Snowbear Heating & Air. We are the highest
rated air conditioning and heating repair our service and we have worked hard to obtain and maintain that.

Goodman’s offices are LEED Gold Certified which means they promote clean renewable energy. This allows the occupants to have better health while using these units compared to the other sellers. Our customers well being is very important to us as it should be to any company. They also have the very environmentally important accreditation ISO 14001:2015 from certified, Det Norske Veritas. It is a group of international standards set forth by the Organizational for Standardization (ISO) which gets their information from companies all over the world. It helps protect the environment while also allowing you to enjoy the comfort of Goodman products.
They care about the environment and doing what’s best for you. Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerants are thought to deplete the ozone with chemicals but that was the old way. Today, all air conditioners and heat pumps made in North America have to have R-410A refrigerant if charged during the building process. Many countries agreed the HCFC was not healthy for the environment and decided to switch to this superior alternative. Goodman only uses R-410A. It also features a SmartCoil which reduced the amount of refrigerants used in each unit which also allows the unit to be smaller in general.

The parent company of Goodman is also stationed right here in the U.S. They have invested $400 million in a new manufacturing facility near Houston, Texas. As a company in the U.S., we share the same pride in being a company stationed here at home where we can take care of you faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, us companies invest majorly so you don’t have to. All you have to do to begin investing in your home is a small $7 service fee!Most HVAC system buyers are unaware of what each brand has to offer. Thats where Snowbear Heating & Air comes in. We will assist you in deciding what units and systems will best suit your home without you having to jump through hoops to find the truth. We stand by our word when we recommend a brand to our customers and want you to feel the utmost comfort and control. Goodman is part of one of the leading manufacturers for most HVAC needs and as the best
Amarillo Air conditioning repair service, we want to be apart of that. They are internationally connected which allows them to provide specific amenities with each piece of equipment such as product limited warranties. They also can assure you that they will have to most up to date manufacturing processes, technology and testing.

At Goodman they take pride in the quality of their products. All facilities are ISO 9001- and 14001- certified. This means that they manufacture with the universally accepted standard of quality for management and environmental processes. They also take pride in their ability to fix any complaints or problems customers may have. They have the highest rating possible from the Better Business Bureau which is an A Rating. This award is given based on 16 performance bars the company must reach. Goodman is grateful to be able to communicate and resolve anything that may be bothering the homeowners or dealers that work with them. They are able to answer any questions on any part of the equipment line of cooling and heating products. To further your trust in the products you’re buying, Goodman offers a multiple limited warranties ranging from 10 years to 20 years. They want customers to feel they are in the best, most capable hands. Each product is taken through 3 tests before it leaves the assembly line and is expected to have a lasting peak performance. As the best heating and air conditioning service in Amarillo, we want to offer the best products we know of and we feel Goodman products are just that.

They also offer financing for their products. It’s a very simple process. They will check your credit first and when you are approved, the sales representative may discuss any promotions happening at the time of your purchase. Once that is discussed, you sign the official paperwork which can be done electronically or on hard paper. To follow up, you will get a loan verification call from the FFC within the 24 hour mark to go over the loan terms you have agreed to. As this is wrapped up, you may make payment on the website or over the phone! As previously said, the process is simple and works toward getting you the best deal for your budget. Snowbear Heating and Air is happy to comply with this so that you may enjoy the comfort of Goodman in your home. We want you to feel you have been taken care of in the best ways possible and that you can complete your purchase with satisfaction and confidence. We know this is a major addition to your home and can be very stressful. The partnership between Goodman and SnowBear Heating & Air is based on making the process simple, above standards and done to your likings!