Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company based in Amarillo, TX. We have many locations across the state and plan to gain others quickly! We are a family owned business, organically grown through our extensive google reviews and hard work. We are the highest rated and most reviewed air conditioning company in Amarillo! We are proud of the team we have and the amazing skill they show to have every day. We are known for our $7 diagnostic fee for first time customers. This fee serves as a way to get your unit diagnosed prior to being committed to paying any large bills. We understand that life does not always allow you to have those five minutes to pay attention to things like this. It can be a simple sound or flipped switch that caused a repair but you just didn’t have the time during these busy days. We can create a quote for the specific repair needed for your unit and it is up to you when you want to start that project. If you would like to continue it at a different or later time, we can always put it away and revisit it when you are ready. Just google heating and air services near me and you’ll be sure to find us!

When scheduling with us, we want to ensure our customers understand that your problems are a priority. Scheduling can become chaotic or packed which can cause some wait times. However, we always ensure that customers who need to be moved up or rescheduled have that opportunity when it does become available. Our urgency list is available to those who need to be moved up upon a rescheduling or a technician completing prior calls quicker than anticipated. We want our customers to realize that we do understand the need for heating and cooling during drastic weather changes and we try to service everyone as efficiently and quickly as possible. We want to finish the repair and get you back to being comfortable. If there is ever any issue of needing to reschedule, you can call us any time of the day and get moved to an alternate spot. We appreciate the heads up and the appreciation for everybody’s time, yours and our included. There are many customers waiting for assistance in this Texas climate and we want to ensure we can help all we can. If you are in need of services, feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment today. Don’t let that funny noise become a costly repair by waiting any longer. Get it fixed, up and running with the help of our excellent technicians.

If you have any questions or concerns about our company, the services we provide or the work we do you can always visit our website,, to learn more. In Amarillo, we are the highest rated and most reviewed company so just look for heating and air services near me (you) and get set up today! We also do free in-home consultations and over-the-phone estimates for customers interested in new equipment or replacing their old system.

This gallery shows our technicians hard at work at countless homes across the Texas area. We have locations in Wichita Falls, Waco, Lubbock and San Angelo. We also travel outside of those locations to help customers that may not have a Snow Bear Heat and Air around the corner from them but still want the excellent standard of service we provide. We are willing to travel far and near to diagnose, install and repair equipment for our customers. We want to leave a lasting impression that we are prepared to go out of our way (or our town) to impress you with our amazing work ethic. We are the highest rated and most reviewed heating and air conditioning company in Amarillo and we are truly proud of that. You can look up “heating and air services near me” and find us in your local cities! It is our customers’ way of backing us and allowing future customers to hear from others that we do great work! We are always learning and improving our skills to ensure that you are given the best knowledge out there. Our technicians have great communication skills across the board and are welcome to call fellow technicians to resolve issues or give a second opinion when needed or dealing with a difficult repair.

If you are in need of any heating or air conditioning services, please feel free to call us anytime. We are a 24-hour company that is open 7 days a week. We are always available to answer questions and schedule appointments. We can get you booked for a service call, tune up, repair or a full install. We are also offering our $7 diagnostic fee to first time customers. This allows us to diagnose the unit and get you a repair estimate that you can either decide to continue with or decline. We can also pick up a quote a little later if you change your mind and want to continue with it down the road. We are proud of the work we do and want to show you all that we are capable of. We have locations all over Texas and plan on expanding in this coming year and so on. If you are in our area, look out for heating and air services near me and get an appointment scheduled today! We want to provide customers with outstanding work every time, work that will get you back to being comfortable in no time. We realize these things are the funnest to deal with so let us take care of you and get your system back into working order. Our phone number is 806-367-9416 and as said previously, we are at the office all day and night just waiting for your call! We are the heating and air services near you now that we have multiple locations. Just give us a call and we are a step away! We want to help customers across the board so that everyone can move forward with their days in the comfort of their homes without worrying if their HVAC system is in good hands or not. We got it covered and we’ll do the very most to get you taken care of! Call today to get scheduled or a quote!

Snow Bear Heat and Air is a small-town based company so we do our best to be humble and understanding. When these things happen, they are usually unexpected and upsetting. We want to make the best out of a situation like this one and provide you with service that uplifts the burden given by these untimely things. We are a local business and want to serve you. If you are ready to get your system back into perfect working order, just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.