The Champion brand offers comfort, reliability and effort. Each unit is created to last for years to come and to provide your home with unrivaled capabilities. The team at Champion truly cares about the equipment that they sell and wants the reputation to be strong and positive. They realize the place they hold in their customer’s home and want to leave a lasting impression even after the initial install. At Snow Bear Heat & Air, we have come to trust and appreciate the Champion brand. Its equipment truly represents the people who stand behind it and who put their hard work into it daily. They have many options to choose from for any need you may have! Call us at the office today to get a free quote and discuss what your home may be missing! We can also send out one of our amazing technicians to give you a better idea of what type of equipment might best fit your home. If you are just looking for a part replacement, then still give us a call so we can choose how to upgrade your existing system together. 806-367-9416 is our office number and $7 is the simple service fee to get us there! We are the highest rated heating and air company in Amarillo and we want to show you what we can do with Champion.

We also offer financing for this brand which means you can pay a low price monthly to get this amazing equipment installed in your home. It is a very simple process and only requires a small application! We realize the major investment that these things can be and how costly they can become. We work with many types of budgets and will work with you the best we can! We want to provide you  with the best service and equipment for a price that is doable across the board. Working hand and hand with our customers is one of the best parts of our job and making your hopes into reality, is our goal! We want you to walk away happy with the equipment that will guarantee your comfort and satisfaction. We know Champion and we know us! We would never jeopardize our hard work on a brand we didn’t believe in and that’s why we have teamed up with this incredible company. See what we could add to your home with our experienced technicians and their great equipment.

Installing a new system also has many benefits. With installation, you are not only receiving comfort but energy savings to reduce your utility bills. These savings can, in time, pay back the money invested into your new heating and cooling system. It is a piece of equipment that pays for itself in savings and that can never be a bad thing! These systems are much more efficient than the previously used equipment. They are more powerful yet use less energy to cool and heat your home. Furthermore, new equipment can be less of a headache. While older systems can develop issues or need parts to be replaced, the new systems will be sustainable and dependable for years to come, and if they do develop issues, there are warranties that are available with purchase! They offer a 5 year labor warranty, a 10 year parts warranty and we throw in a 1 year maintenance plan. The 5 year labor warranty is longer than average and it covers all labor cost to get us out there if an issue occurs. The 10 year parts warranty means that if we find a part needs replacement, you are free from paying for it! We will take care of those covered costs and move forward with the fix! Lastly, the 1 year maintenance plan covers 2 full system checks- 1 at the beginning of Fall and 1 at the beginning of the Summer. These checks prepare the system for the upcoming major seasons and help prevent larger issues from occurring in your new system! Snow Bear Heat & Air believes in providing their customers with the best service possible and that includes providing equipment that will uphold our name. We believe Champion does just that. If you are interested in any equipment or have any questions, feel free to call us anytime! Our office staff is ready to help at 806-367-9416! If you need an estimate or would just like a diagnosis, our service fee is just $7! Call anytime to book an appointment with our knowledgeable technicians.

Champion is also helping the environment by soley charging its systems with R-410A refrigerant. It is the new industry standard as new government regulations take effect in January of 2020. These regulations have banned the continued production of the older refrigerant R22. For homes that have older systems, this means they will have to switch to a replacement refrigerant when R22 suppliers run out! These refrigerants can be costly and hard to find. Upgrading your system is the only way to get equipment that will work with R-410 which is the least expensive and easiest to find. Call and set up an appointment for just $7 to see what type of  refrigerant your system uses and if you’ll need new equipment soon!

Champion is a brand of new standards yet old reliability. They create equipment that stands on its own with a great reputation. The team behind it all is just as great! Snow Bear Heat & Air believes in partnering with brands that will treat our customers as we would and we believe we have found that partner. Champion has many options, many great qualities and many opportunities for your home. Book an appointment to learn more or call us at 806-367-9416 to discuss what you might want for your home. We offer financing, warranties and a $7 service fee for first time customers. Get started on you dream of comfort today and let’s talk about what you feel your home should be like and we’ll do our best to get you there!