The company had its start 8 years ago as Daniel Heating & Air. Daniel Ramos, the
owner, took classes in High School for electrical trade. This is where he found that he enjoyed
working with his hands. After High School he took off with his business. Daniel worked hard
every day anywhere between 12-15 hours a day. He had a dream for this business and will
work hard to make that happen. This hard work paid off when he landed a big contract. This
helped his business really take off. The company then got its start as Snow Bear Heat & Air.
This allowed him to build up a staff to help him with the workload. This frees up time for Daniel
to be at the office and more time for customers. Then with the help of his manager, Karen Kirby,
they were able to build the company to where it is today. Allow us to take care of your
Wichita Falls HVAC needs. Where you know you have someone that will work hard to do the work you need.

Who do you go for your Wichita Falls HVAC needs? Well let me tell you why you should
choose Snow Bear Heat & Air. The number 1 reason why you should choose us is because you
will be a number one priority for us since we have you locked in on our schedule. Just check our
number of reviews online for our Amarilllo office and see all of our happy customers. Allow us to
add you to our list of happy customers. Another great reason is our special promotion for our
new customers. We have a $7 diagnosis fee for our new customers. Yes! Only a $7 diagnosis
fee can have us out to your door to diagnose your unit. We will come out to your home to find
the problem with the unit. ONce we identify the problem our technicians will bring the problem to
you. Once the problem is brought to your attention it is up to your if you want us to continue the
repairs for your home. We always want to make sure there is clear communication. We always
make sure to document any work that we do. That way when you call into the office we want to
have an accurate answer for our customers.

Do you want to make sure your unit is ready for the seasons? Well look no further for
your Wichita Falls HVAC needs. We can have our technicians out to your home to do a tune-up
and make sure your unit is ready for what is to come. Our technicians have a full checklist they
run through that is easy for both you and the technician to understand. That way if our
technician does find anything wrong with the unit you will be able to understand what they found
and what they recommend to fix it. Though they do a full inspection of your unit and make sure
to catch minor problems before they become major problems. They will look for pits or burns on
the contractors. Make sure all screw lug terminals are tightened in the condensing unit. They will
inspect the fan for any cracks or defects to ensure it can keep up. Inspect the drain pans to
make sure no water is building up and it is draining properly. They will inspect and clean your
outdoor unit. They will assure that your refrigerant level is what you need for your unit. They will
make sure there are no loose parts or any unusual vibration. The list goes on but just off this
you will see that we make sure that your unit is ready with the help of Wichita Falls Hvac.

Daniel Ramos worked hard to get the company where it is today. He had a dream to get
his company to where it is today. Thanks to his dedicated work to this company he is where he
is today. That is why he had the name change from Daniel’s Heating & Air to Snow Bear Heat &
Air. Of course after he landed that big contract his company changed for the better. He still
works on calls but now has more free time thanks to his staff. Karen Kirby, the manager, really
helps out with the workload around the office. Karen works hard with Daniel to ensure that the
company keeps its high standards. Though Karen handles more of the office staff and Daniel
handles the technicians, all employees come to Karen for help. Any questions are technicians or
office staff are usually run by Karen before going to Daniel. Karen handles the day to day basis
in the office while Daniel is able to leave the office and work on improving the company. When
he is not in meetings or business calls he goes on calls to help you with your Wichita Falls HVAC needs.

If you have ever seen our team in stores like Home Depot or Lowes is because we are
their HVAC exclusive service provider. So you know you are getting the best Wichita Falls
HVAC service in the area. We have certified technicians ready to give you the best service
possible to have you comfortable in your home again. No one likes to be without an air
conditioner for too long and especially in Texas. We know that in the summer the temperature
can get anywhere from 90-100 degrees weather on a daily basis. So it is frustrating when you
turn on your air conditioner and it does not keep up with the needs of your home. We want to
take away those frustrations and handle your Wichita Falls HVAC needs to have you ready for
the summer. We always send enough technicians for the job so we can have you up and
running. The great thing is if you agree to the repairs then we can continue the work right away.
There is no need to leave your home to go to the part store to get what we need. Though this is
not always the case, usually our technicians do not have to leave the home because they carry
universal parts on hand.