If you are looking for Wichita Falls HVAC then look no further than Snow Bear
Heat and Air. The owner, Daniel Ramos, started this business as Daniel’s Heating and
Air 8 years ago. Daniel started out running his business on his own and put in the hard
work to get his company to Snow Bear Heat and Air. Daniel enjoys giving back to his
community and giving help to those who are in need. Snow Bear Heat and Air serves
Amarillo, Canyon, Hereford, Lubbock, San Angelo, Midland, Odessa, and other
surrounding areas! Daniel is growing his company thanks to his hard work and
dedication. We here at Snow Bear Heat and Air understand how important it is that your
air conditioner stays working at full capacity at all times.

When it comes to Wichita Falls HVAC , our $7 diagnostic fee could save you on most future expenses. We offer this
service to get our certified technicians out to your door to look at your unit. We also offer
tune ups which also help our customers save money in the future. This is a preventative
maintenance that we recommend being done to insure that your unit is working.
Snow Bear Heat and Air offers a special for our first time customers for us to
diagnose their unit. This is just a small service fee of $7. This gets our certified
technicians to your door to give their professional opinion on what is happening with
your unit. We always strive to provide our customers with the top equipment for their
homes. We send out the best technicians to install the equipment for each job. All of our
technicians here at Snow Bear Heat and Air are certified, trained with the best
knowledge to date, and are ready to help our customers with their needs. In order to
have the best running air conditioner, you’ll need a great technician ready to run
maintenance and repair checks so any future problem can be solved. Our technicians
have various parts on hand which means less wasted time leaving your home for
materials that might be needed for the repair.

We also offer 24-hour service and up-front
pricing on any work or equipment needed, over the phone, and in person. We are the
most reviewed heating and air conditioning repairs, something that our team has
worked hard to achieve to bring to your Wichita Falls HVAC needs!
We here at Snow Bear Heat and Air understand how important it is that your
heating and air conditioning units are ready to perform at full capacity before the
seasons arrive. This is why we recommend two tune ups to get you ready for the
seasons to begin. Our certified technicians will come and do preventative maintenance
on your unit to ensure that you will be ready for that summer heat or winter cold. Snow
Bear Wichita Falls HVAC will have you ready for what comes. These are the basics
cooling or heating maintenance our technicians do to prepare your unit for the season.
They will visually inspect and test capacitors for leakage and rust. Then inspect readily
accessible ducts for obvious air leaks. The technician will do a complete operations
sequence check and check the crankcase heater for proper operation. Inspect the air
filtration, blower wheel, and blower motor and record AMP draw. They will inspect the
unit wiring and electrical disconnect. The thermostat will be checked and calibrated if
needed. These steps will save your unit from future problems or even help you catch
the problems before they occur.

Need help figuring out where to start for your Wichita Falls HVAC? Our staff here
at the office and technicians will help you navigate through the selections of air
conditioning systems with their expertise. Our team would be happy to get your service
appointment. They will help you through the installation or air conditioner repair process
all until the job is completed. We understand that replacing or installing a completely
new system can be very stressful and here at Snow Bear Heat and Air, we want to help
make the best decisions with you so that it can fit each need of your home or business.
It is just as much of our time as it is your so keeping everything as simple and
transparent as possible for the job at hand. We take customer service very seriously
which is why we are the most reviewed air conditioning repair service. Our amazing
customer service is the core of our business which helps leave our customers feeling
heard and understood. Our goal is to have our customers after every interaction with
our staff that they are leaving excited about the upcoming project they have planned
with us. We hope you give us a call for your air conditioning repairs. Our Wichita Falls HVAC services has never been more available! We offer a hard working team that is highly trained. Reach out to us if you would like to know more about scheduling.

Daniel got his start as Daniel’s Heating and Air and the company has really
flourished in that time. He grew up with 4 sisters and 1 brother, spent most of his time
going to church with his family, and grew up playing sports like football and basketball.
Daniel decided he wanted to start his business and even sold his car to get a start. He
started doing jobs for his family and friends to have a start up for his company. Daniel
had taken classes in high school for Electrical Trades where he found that he enjoyed
working with his hands instead of working in the office. At the start of his company
Daniel ran the whole business on his own, working shift from 12 to 15 hours a day to
keep it going. After some success and failures, Daniel finally scored big with a large
contract. Since landing this contract his business has only grown. Daniel is now able to
provide excellent service for all your Wichita Falls HVAC. Daniel now works alongside
the technicians, does work in the office, and still manages to keep the company growing
in a positive direction.