What makes us a good company that you should choose for your Wichita Falls heat & air needs?
Well we are the number 1 rated company on the google reviews. We offer a special
for our first time customers that can save them money. Then our technicians are certified and
ready to help you when you need it most. We have teams ready to help you when you call into
the office. We offer friendly and honest work. We want you to be in the loop when we are
working on your home. Our customers appreciate that we are crystal clear on the pricing when
we come to your home and service your unit.

We also love that we can leave your home
knowing that we took pride in the work we did at your home. We take so much pride that we
offer a 30 day warranty on the work we do that day. If for some reason the next day the issue is
still going and if it is something we did then there will not be any more charges. Though if there
is a different problem then there will be additional charges on the new repairs done to the unit.
There are many choices when it comes to the company that you want to use for Wichita Falls heat & air services,  and we
understand that you will be getting different quotes when it comes to your home. Though we do
not want to lose you to someone just because they have a lower price than we do. So we will try
to fight for your business by 2% on the quote that you received if it matches up to the equipment
we are offering.

This is also known that just because something is cheaper does not mean it is
the best choice. We do our pricing the way it is because we know we do honest work and will
have it right for you when we install and not have to keep coming out and adding future repairs
to have you up and running in the future. We do not want to have to keep coming out to your
home in the future when you need to use your unit. So trust the company that will get it right for
you on the first try for you Wichita Falls heat & air repairs. Call in today and our friendly staff
will get you on the schedule.

That brings us to our office staff and what they do on a daily basis to make sure you are
taken care of. They are trained to be able to handle your questions when you call into the office
and not have to rely on a manager every time a customer asks a question. What this does is
allows them to help you solve your problem quickly and effectively. We do not want to take up
too much time on your busy day that you probably took out to call the office. Our office staff are
trained in HVAC but not certified like our technicians though they still have the knowledge to
assist you. If for some reason they can not they can always get a technician on the line to assist
with the issue. When it comes to scheduling we understand some people work during the day
and are only free in the afternoon. This is why we offer many times on our schedule ready to
assist you when you need it most. We try our best to accommodate you so choose us for your
Wichita Falls heat & air needs when you want your unit up and running.

We are also open 24/7 so we can help you even on the weekends. When most
companies in Wichita Falls heat & air repairs are not available we are! We want to be ready to
help you no matter the time. This is something we take pride in to be able to assist our
customers when they need us. Though sometimes we are super busy and are on the line with
another customer so if for some reason someone is not able to help you call in make sure to
leave a voicemail so we can call you back and have you on the schedule for your Wichita Falls heat & air needs.
We also have a website so if for some reason you can not call us and try to
get on our schedule just fill out this brief information to have us call you. This way if we do call
and you can not answer we can at least leave you voicemail so you can get put on our schedule
at your earliest convenience. We can even schedule out in the future so if you know for a whole
week you will not be free but the next you will then we can easily have you put down.
Well we do enjoy saving our first time customers some money with our special we have
which is just a 7$ diagnosis fee. What this does is it allows us to go out to your home and find
out what is going on with your unit. Then we will quote you on the repair and see if this is
something you want to go forward with. This is where that crystal clear communication comes in
because we will not continue any repairs unless you give us the go. On repairs or installs you
can pay half down and half when the job is complete. The half allows us to order your
equipment and get us out there to complete the work then the other half when the job is
complete so you can see the work being done. We want to make sure you are happy with the
work so again you will have that 30 day warranty on pieces of repairs but on bigger installs they
will come with longer warranties because we do take pride in our work. These are all reason
why you should choose us for your Wichita Falls heat & air needs.