Are you having trouble with your air conditioning unit? Well when it comes to your
Wichita Falls heat & air needs then look no further than the company that provides honest work!
We here at Snow Bear Heat and Air take pride in the work that we do for our customers that is
why we offer a 30 day warranty on the work that we do. So if for some reason the issue still
persists after we leave we will come back out to check the work and if it is the same issue then
there will be no further charges to you. We want to offer you the best service we can each time
and have our certified technicians ready to help with your problems you are having with your
unit. So when you are looking for some help with your Wichita Falls heat & air repairs then look
no further than Snow Bear Heat and Air to make sure you are taken care of the first time. We
even don’t stop there when it comes to your repairs. We love to help our customers out the most
we can and that is why we are home to the 7,7,7 deal!

What is the 7,7,7 deal? Well it is what can help with your Wichita Falls heat & air repairs!
The first part of the 7 deal is that we are open 7 days a week. This is because we understand
that our customers have busy schedules and are not always available during the weekdays from
the typical 8-5 time frame. This allows us to not only have more room to make appointments for
our customers. When you call into our office after getting your information our office staff will
give you times that we have opened the soonest on our schedule. If this time works for you
great but then if you need a later date we do schedule into the week depending on what works
best for you! So after getting you on the schedule for your Wichita Falls heat & air repairs you
are locked into a time frame like 1-3 for example. This allows enough time for the technician to
help you with what needs to be done for your unit! We do have a packed schedule so
sometimes our technicians do run into some unforeseen problems and might run a little late to
your appointment.

Though do not worry you are still guaranteed to have us out there to help.
The second part of our 7,7,7 deal would be that we are open from 7am-7pm for your
Wichita Falls heat & air needs. Though we are open 24/7 this is because after 7pm it is for
emergency calls only. We have this open because we know that emergencies happen and
sometimes you need someone out there late at night to make sure you and your family are able
to get a good night’s sleep! We care about having you up as soon as possible which is why we
are willing to go out to your home when you need it for those late Wichita Falls heat & air
repairs! We have some of our office staff on call when the actual office is closed to be able to
take your calls after 7pm. So there is always going to be someone able to answer your calls
when you do call. If you do not happen to reach us on the line then always make sure to leave a
voicemail. This not only ensures that we will get back to you but it also notifies us on our email
that someone has left us a voicemail.

The last part of the 7,7,7 deal is something we really pride ourselves on as a company.
We understand that repairs can be expensive and getting out a technician can be pricey. This is
something that some places charge anywhere from 95-120 dollars just to have them out there to
look at your unit to diagnose the problem. Well this is where we come in to help you with our
special we have for our first time customers! We have a $7 diagnosis fee for our first time
customers. If you have never used our company before then we can have our certified
technicians out at your door for only $7 to diagnose the problem for you! This serves as the
scheduling fee and the appointment fee for you. This allows our Wichita Falls Heat & Air team to go out to your home and find
the problem that is going on with your unit. We will give you that 2 hour time frame to allow us to
find the problem. We will then bring the problem to your attention. We will let you know how
much it will cost to have you up and running again. If this is something that you agree with then
we will continue the repairs on your unit. Though we will never continue repairs that you do not
agree with. They will always ask you the homeowner if this is something you would like to
proceed with. Once they have your permission someone from the office will contact you to
collect the payment. Depending on the price of the repairs you can sometimes pay half to get it
started or the full amount depending on what you choose. Sometimes the technician can even
collect the payment from their mobile device if they have it with them that day.

Well what are you waiting for? After reading all these great qualities that make us Snow
Bear Heat and Air why not choose us to have the job done for you the right way. Allow us to
give you the Snow Bear treatment and have you up and running when you need it most. Trust
the company that has the highest rating reviews to have the job done right for you. We take pride in our work, and once we are
done so will you! We want to leave your home not just up and running but better than before and happy that you called us for your repairs!