Who in Wichita Falls do you call for any of your heating and air repairs?
Well how about the company that’s going to get it right the first time around.
When you contact Snow Bear Heat & Air you know you will be getting the best
service for your home. We are the best Wichita Falls heat & air services in the
area. When you come in contact with us you will immediately notice you are
dealing with a different HVAC company! We handle all calls like they are new to
the company. We want to ensure that you have a great experience each time you
call the office.

When your unit is not functioning like it should we understand the
frustrations this may cause. No one wants to be uncomfortable in your home and
this Texas heat you do not want your unit breaking down.We know we can get
this taken care of for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Living in Texas
sure shows us how important it is to have your equipment ready to go. When this
happens to you go ahead and give us a call at (940) 276-1300! Allow us to add
you to our happy customers! We will gladly take care of your needs through Wichita Falls heat & air services!

What can save you in the long run in Wichita Falls heat & air repairs is our
great promotion going on. We have a $7 diagnosis that is great for our new
customers. We understand that repairs can be a high expense which is why for a
low cost of $7 we can handle these problems for you. We can go out to our home
and diagnose the unit. Once we diagnose the problem we will quote you on the
repairs and if this is some you like to continue with then we will complete the
repairs. The great thing is that our technicians have most parts on hand. This
allows them to stay at your home and complete the work in a timely manner. We
try not to waste time by leaving your home then coming back to your home. We
here at Snow Bear care about the community we live in. All of our $7 service fees
that are collected is donated to Another Chance home in Amarillo. This helps
their mission to help veterans and men in need to get rehabilitated in our
community. So not only when you call us will you be getting the best service but
will also be helping out a great cause. So choose Snow Bear Heat & Air for you
Wichita Falls Heat & Air repairs!

Are you wondering what it is like when you call into the office? Well the
great part about our company is that when you call into the office you will be
speaking with an employee and not a recording. When you call us we’ll handle
your situation as soon as possible. The staff will ask you for information so we
know where to send the technicians and what seems to be going on with your
unit. We know that not everyone is an expert in HVAC so when you ask you
questions about your equipment we keep them to the basics. This just allows the
technician to know what they will be doing when they arrive. Once we have you
locked on the schedule our technician will be notified on their appointments the
instant we schedule you. Before our technicians come out to your home they will
give you a 10-15 min heads up. We will ensure that there is enough time for the
technicians to do their work. If for some reason the technicians can not complete
the work then we can easily get your back on the schedule to have your unit up
and running with the help of Wichita Falls heat & air!

When it comes to your needs we understand that everyone’s needs can
be different. Which is why we don’t handle every call the same. When you call
into the office we will listen and get you scheduled with one of our technicians,
then they will do what we call Service Trip Checklists. This allows us to not only
handle the problem you are having the unit but also prevent or catch new
problems from happening. This is not only great but can save you money in the
future. If we can always try to catch the problems before they cause more
damage to the unit. Once it comes to the technicians finding the problem they will
ask if you agree to the cost then the technician will continue the repairs. The
technicians will never do the work without your permission first. Once the
technician has gotten your permission they will continue the repairs to have you
up and running. We want to ensure that you can relax comfortably in your home.
We are the best choice for you Wichita Falls heat & air needs.
We know how intense the Texas heat can be on a daily basis. Though just
as intense the heat is we also know the winter can bring those low temperatures.
This is why you need to choose Snow Bear Heat & air for you Wichita Falls heat
& air needs. You do not want to be without an air conditioning unit in Texas. You
will quickly notice how hot it gets in our hose when your air conditioning is not on.
We will like to handle this quickly and as efficiently as possible for your home.
We have certified technicians ready to service your unit when these problems
arise. Our techs will arrive at your home ready to find the problem for you home.
They will take pictures and notes about the work they are getting done. That way
we can have documentation of all the work getting completed. We want to make
sure that there is always clear communication. When you call into the office we
can easily bring up anything concerning the work done on your home. To ensure
this is done right we meet on a daily basis. Allow us to take care of your Wichita
Falls heat & air needs.