Here at Snow Bear Heat & Air, we definitely take heating and air seriously. Your heating and air impact a lot of different things. For one, it impacts your electricity bill.

Have you ever wondered why your bill is so high when it seems like you’re not running your system at all? Believe me, it’s happened to us. We have found out over the years, that there are many different ways to help lower your electricity bill.

We want to help you before you even call us! We are the Tulsa HVAC company you need in order to get your electricity bill lower.

Heat And Air Tulsa HVAC 0569Would you believe me if I told you that a lot of these tips and tricks have to do with regular maintenance checks on your system?

I want to tell you a story, and You guessed it. It’s about HVAC! A couple summers ago we got a call about this family who is running their system and it just wasn’t getting cold enough.

Your electricity bill was soaring and they were growing increasingly frustrated. But with our first time seven dollar diagnoses call, we were able to educate them on how to make their system more efficient and add some Freon.

Our Tulsa HVAC company is in an increasing growing market and we are so thrilled to be a part of it. We look forward to helping find people like you all the more.

Another tip to lowering your atrocity pill is not running your system when you’re not at the house. I’ve often love the luxury of walking into a nice cool house. However, it just depends on what my goals are.

If I want to lower my electricity bill, and save money, then I would wait to turn on my system until I got home.

Although this tip is quite uncomely practice (I think we all know the reason why), It is one of the best ways to save money and L’Oreal to sleep well. I definitely think this will help you achieve your financial goals of lowering your Tulsa HVAC bill.

There is a viral TikTok video going around that says if you put an umbrella around your outdoor unit, then that will help it from not working so hard. Theoretically, the umbrella will prevent the system from the overbearing sun and cool down your system.

But that is a myth. What definitely helps your system is when your air conditioning unit is operating at its most efficient capacity. Before getting into the Heat and air industry I didn’t realize just how important duct work is. 

Another great way to save money on your  bill is making sure that your duct work is the proper size. This prevents your system from trying to push a ton of air through a little space. 

Ductwork determines the airflow of your air conditioning unit. When you have too small I have units, it definitely inhibits your system from functioning properly.

Tulsa HVAC Company | We Are Industry Experts!

Something that makes Snow Bear Heat & Air Tulsa unique is the fact that our team is great at communicating. Have you ever had an experience with a company that had horrible communication skills? Believe me, I understand it too.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get a hold of a company for a service that you need, and no one responds. We have years of experience in the Tulsa HVAC Company industry and we definitely know what you’re doing to connect with no matter your heat and air needs, our team wants to hear from you.

We want to help you in anyway we can, that is why your first diagnosis will only be seven dollars! 

Great training, years of experience, and a knowledgeable staff, we are more than ready to serve you. We firmly believe in our mission here it’s overheating there to assist. We believe that we can serve the Tulsa HVAC industry in ways that others are not.

We see a general lack of pride in people’s work and we want to restore pride to the heating and air industry. If you’re anything like me, you love to support small businesses.

We would much rather support your local team that’s owned and operated then the massive corporation that came in and bought out all these companies. 

When you support Tulsa HVAC company and Snow bear Heat & Air, you are doing exactly that. What makes our team so amazing is the fact that we are lucky old and operated. You can know that our team will address  you as more than a number.

Your family matters to us and that is why we take great pride in our work.

Tulsa HVAC

Tulsa HVAC

Snow bear Heat & Air is one of a kind. With many different financing options, we definitely want to accommodate you in whatever way we can. 

I’m confident that we can give you the best service and best options for you. There’s no sense in working with a company who doesn’t want to take the time to hear you and hear your needs. Its’s all about meeting needs. 

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons Snow bear Hea t& Air Tulsa exists is to bring excellence to to an industry that needs it desperately. Something that you will notice about our team right off the bat is the fact that we are extremely proud of our company.

The Tulsa HVAC company industry has been long due for a locally owed and operated business. No one wants a heat and air system that doesn’t operate properly.

This is why we stand by our 777 deal. We are open seven days a week, from 7 to 7 and your first service hall is only seven dollars. We want to do everything we can to ensure that you have the heating and air system you deserve.

You will definitely be pleased with the service and quality of people that are a part of the Snowbear Heat&Air family. Definitely connect with us today if you’re interested in our incredible team serving you.