San Angelo HVAC is going to have a different meaning once you are serviced by us! Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company based on honesty and professionalism. We want to serve our community the right way. We are not like the major companies taking a call and putting it on the schedule and forgetting about it. We pride ourselves on actually servicing our customers, from the first diagnostic call to the final quality assurance call to make sure everything is working as well as you hoped. If you ever have any questions about our services, we would be glad to help! Our representatives are ready 24/7 and our phone lines are always open! Give us a call when you’re ready to start that repair, replacement, or tune-up! If there is something that you just aren’t sure of, let us know! We offer a $7 diagnostic fee to first-time customers. This allows the technician to arrive at the property and diagnose your unit. Once they have inspected the unit and found the issue, they can provide you with a quote. Then it is completely up to you! If you are ready to move forward with the repair, we can complete the task either the same day or get the parts-ordered and get you back on the schedule as soon as possible!

We pride ourselves with the knowledge that we have amazing technicians! We are a company focused on always learning and bettering our skills! Our technicians are constantly learning from each other and outside resources to ensure that they can get you taken care of! They are licensed and certified, we also have helper technicians that are there to assist in the task any way needed! They allow the lead technician to focus on the big stuff that way we get you fixed up and ready to go with less hassle and time! Our whole mission to make this process as simple as possible for customers. We understand that nobody really wants their HVAC equipment to go down and that everyone has a busy schedule these days! Our goal is to not make this any more an inconvenience than it is and supply you with the answer or allow you options if there are multiple routes to possibly take. We are happy to explain the issue to all the HVAC enthusiasts and even just the curious ones! San Angelo HVAC is different from us!

Snow Bear Heat and Air started in Amarillo, TX. Daniel Ramos, the owner, started in the HVAC industry 20 years prior and created his business 12 years in. Snow Bear Heat and Air has been open for 8 years and has thrived due to his ability to connect with others! He truly wants a company based on helping and striving for better, and not just for his customers. The company is involved in multiple team training, charities and organizations in order to help its community. We are a part of an organization named International Outreach, it is an organization based on the idea of helping others in need. Recently, they have taken trips to Belize to install air conditioners in the churches and schools. They also teamed with dental hygienists and performed dental work on plenty of kids that otherwise would not have the opportunity to have these procedures done. These small gestures can make a world of difference to a child just wanting to enjoy a bit of fresh air at school when their living conditions may be less than perfect. We hope that being a part of San Angelo HVAC, we will get more opportunities to help a different community or get introduced to new ways to help our neighbors.

We perform many services to complete your San Angelo HVAC needs. We can repair, replace, or install a brand new system. We also do ductwork! If you are in need of those repairs or replacements, we are the company for you! We can do a completely new install or repair the parts you have. Our ductwork pricing depends on the size of your home and the dream you have. Of course, we can suggest directions of airflow and the materials but ultimately it is your home and we want it to be up to your comfort level. If there is anything special about the ductwork or you would like us to view it prior, we do free in-home estimates! We can take a look and discuss your concerns with you in person and then have a quote sent over that can be looked at and viewed until you’re ready to make a decision.

We do offer to finance and are happy to help you through the process. Our website offers an application that you can offer on your own but we can also go through it with you over the phone. We understand these things can be large investments and it is your home that you’re adding onto so we want you to feel comfortable and safe in your decisions. If you have any questions or concerns with warranties, installment or anything else, just give us a call and we will be happy to help or direct you on the right path. We are so excited to be a part of the San Angelo HVAC community and cannot wait to begin making the homes across the way better for you!

We are happy to be a part of a new town and be able to bring services near you. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow as a company but also show all of our expertise out on the field. We are glad to be a part of the San Angelo HVAC department and we wouldn’t choose to be in any other business. We are a 24/7 company and are ready to get you the equipment, repairs, or answers that you may be seeking! We are thrilled to start working with new faces and show everyone what Snow Bear Heat and Air is about!