Welcome to San Angelo Snow Bear Heat and Air! We are glad to be able to take care of all your heating and air needs such as diagnosis, parts replacement, equipment replacement, and repairs! If there is a tiny wire causing you trouble, call us! We can fix those pesky problems keeping you from being at your best temperature! If that issue is in relation to a different area (say an electrician), we will point you in the right direction! We want to make sure you are taken care of to the best of our abilities and knowledge. We have experience in our field for 20+ years and have 8 years of business behind us! We are the highest-rated and most reviewed heating and air company in Amarillo, Tx., which is among our many locations/areas that we service with our new San Angelo HVAC solutions.

We needed new customers to please and impress and we wanted to show you what that means from a San Angelo HVAC company. We offer a $7 Diagnostic fee for first-time customers. This allows the technician to be able to inspect the unit and see what the issue may be. Then, they can offer a quote to the homeowner that they can accept or deny. If we have the parts, we can finish up right there and then, if not, then we will get them ordered the first thing and get you back on the schedule for that repair.

Diagnosis can be a great tool for the homeowner. Even if you are not prepared to deal with a costly repair, getting a diagnosis gives you the knowledge of what is going on with your unit and what may be causing it to lack efficiency or some of its previous capabilities. We do save quotes and you can too. If you are not ready to deal with this until the next week, that’s fine! Call us when you are ready to finish up that repair and we’ll be happy to get you scheduled and taken care of!

It’s all your choice, even if the HVAC hiccup wasn’t. Our office number is 325-484-4228 and if you are ready to figure out why your AC only works at night, give us a call! We will be glad to take a look and see what we can get figured out for you. Our expert technicians are more than capable and are usually accompanied by a helper that is there to make the process even smoother! San Angelo HVAC is about doing the best work without causing you more of a headache.

If you need a service call, please give us a ring! We are a 24-hour service company and we’ll be glad to answer your questions whenever you’re ready. We also offer tune-ups if your unit is not having issues but you would like preventative maintenance. This can give you a heads-up prior to these giant pieces of equipment going down. Preventative maintenance double-checks that all components are in full working order, all screws and nuts are tight and nothing is clogged or missing. If there is anything that may need servicing soon, we will let you know so that if this issue does occur, you’re a little more prepared or if you would like to get it taken care of prior, just let us know and we can get that done too! There is no reason to stress when receiving these tune-ups, that is the whole point of them – to save you time and the headache. If you would like to get any of our services, call us today and get on the schedule to receive amazing San Angelo HVAC work!

We also do major installs! From commercial to residential, we perform installs across the board. This includes a furnace, coil, and condenser (heater and full AC) to just single pieces. We also do ductwork modifications, repairs, and full installs. We do free consultations for these giant investments so if you have been looking into getting your home that perfect temperature, let us know! We would be glad to visit your home and verify what you would need to make your home feel like a dream! If there is anything you just have questions about or want to discuss prior to us going out there, you can always call the office.

We do over-the-phone estimates and would love to help you figure out what you’re looking for. The in-home consultations can come after when you’ve chosen a path or can be scheduled to help choose one. There is never a rush to decide on a unit or how much you’d like to add to your home. We understand these are huge investments and want you to be happy with what you decide. Our technicians are wonderful and can help decide the technician things like unit size, ductwork airflow, and other things. Here in the office, we can help decide what would best fit your budget, home, and hopes.

We can also help get you financed so that you don’t have the stress of this large investment all at once. No down payment is required and your credit score does not have to be perfect. We will do our best to get you taken care of and walkING away with a sense of accomplishment. Rather that is the accomplishment of a repair, a decision, an install, or just a conversation, it’s all worth being happy about! Taking the first steps to get your home the way you prefer is giant for some and with the busy day to day schedules, we understand making the time can be difficult. If you have any questions about what San Angelo HVAC is about or what we can do for you, just give us a call. Snow Bear Heat and Air is happy to serve this new part of Texas and cannot wait to see what beautiful people we meet! Our technicians are ready to get you taken care of and our office is prepared to find whatever answer you may be seeking, if its San Angelo HVAC, we got it!