Have you ever worked with a business that didn’t quite know how they wanted to operate? Maybe they gave you the run around about the services they provide or they just simply didn’t have the answers they should. If you have dealt with these types of companies, we couldn’t be further from it. We are a company based in small-town Amarillo but are now reaching out to San Angelo HVAC. We are grown from strong Texas roots; right now, most of our locations are located there. All of our work is based on honesty, fairness, and giving our customers a choice.

We offer $7 diagnostic fees to all of our new customers just to make it easier to get back to a working system. This fee takes care of the diagnosing of the issue occurring in your unit and allows the customer to decide if they would like to continue with the work or take a second to consider it. We save the quote for as long as it is valid so that there is plenty of time to choose! If you would like to continue with the repair, the technicians can go right outside to their trucks and get what they need, visit the nearest part store or get you an estimated time of arrival for that new piece of equipment. Once the part is available, we can get you back on the schedule to complete that work for you! If you are located outside of our immediate area, still give us a call! We may be able to travel to your location and service you.

We are dedicated to going that extra mile for our customers to ensure satisfaction. If you are interested in any of the services we provide here as a San Angelo HVAC company or have questions about one, please give us a call at 806-367-9416 or visit our website snowbearair.com. We are a company determined to offer the best customer service we can. We want each customer to walk away happy with the experience they have had with us. A business is nothing without each individual who supports it so we owe a big thank you to the ones who do! We show that appreciation through hard work and the dedication to do the job right! If you need to set up an appointment, you can contact our main office to learn what our earliest availability is. You don’t have to wait a month for good service, we try to get our customers scheduled as quickly as possible to ensure the time you spend with a problematic unit is short! It does not matter if your unit is just doing something off, is having issues keeping up or if it is not working at all. We will do our very best to get it back up to its full workload capacity so you can go back to enjoying that great home of yours! The weather is as predictable as it wants to be for San Angelo HVAC so call today to see what your unit may need to run as smoothly as it first did!

As consumers, we often find ourselves comparing one company to the next. We all want the best bang for our buck that will actually complete the task. There would be no point in looking for the worst company and allowing them to serve you. As a company, we find ourselves seeking ways to be the best every day. We take notes from customers, accept suggestions and recommendations, and learn to be better. Our goal is to be the company that is chosen often and chosen confidently. We hope our customers are proud to be helped by us and that when they see the Snow Bear blue, they feel a sense of relief. Relief that there are professionals prepared to diagnose, fix or replace the components of their system. We have worked hard to gain the reputation of our company and promise to uphold the same spirit and work ethic. The staff here at Snow Bear Heat and Air working in San Angelo HVAC truly love their jobs and are ready every day for the next task! If you would like to set up an appointment for a diagnosis, you can call us anytime at 806-367-9416. This appointment can be just $7 for first-time customers! It provides a diagnosis and a quote for the homeowner prior to any work

being completed. It allows the customer to decide if they are ready for the repair and gives us the ability to leave the choice in your hands! Some calls can be finished the same day or as soon as the part arrives!

If you are unsure of any of our services for San Angelo HVAC or are curious about our company, you can always call us or jump onto our website at snowbearair.com. If you’re tired with the back and forth other companies can create, let us help! We are insistent about making sure our customers are satisfied every time and that they fully understand the work we are doing. We are glad to explain the quote in-depth, explain the work we are doing or the work we will do. If there is something you have questions about, you can always call the office or ask the technician! Your HVAC system is the basis of comfort for your home but you don’t usually notice it until something is wrong, which is for the most part good. You want a unit to run so smoothly, it’s forgotten about! So when you do hear that odd noise or feel that cool breeze when it is supposed to be set on 72 degrees, let us know! We can tell you all about your unit and even lend some maintenance tips so that your unit may go even longer without being noticed! The whole point of a repair is to make life easier again like nothing ever went wrong. Allow us to step in and make that happen for your San Angelo HVAC! We can help with repairs to complete installs! Call and see what we can help you with today!