The office staff at Snow Bear Heat and Air will gladly take care of your heating and air condition repairs. They get into the office ready to take on our tasks for the day. We do a full system check and make sure all information from the previous day was entered into the system. This allows us to make sure all our information is up to date so when you call into the office we will have accurate information to provide for you. We meet in the morning with the office staff and the technicians to update each other on the day and week and discuss the goals we have for the office. The most important thing at the office is communication. If we do not make sure that everyone at the office is on the same page then the system we put together will fall apart. We want to ensure that when you call into the office that we have all the information required to assist you. The staff will gladly assist you the best we can when you call us for help. Call us today to take care of your San Angelo HVAC repairs.

The need of your air conditioning is up and running during the summer heat is important. The frustration of your unit not functioning to its full capacity is something we can fix. You are going to want that unit up and running as soon as possible. You do not want to be without a working air conditioner in this Texas summer heat. Allow us at Snow Bear Heat and Air shorten that time. We can have our certified technicians come out to your home to get your unit back up and running for you. We want to make sure that this process is as stress-free as possible. The technician coming out to your home is just the first way we make this process as stress-free for our customers as possible. We want you to have a piece of mind knowing that you have the right company for the job with our San Angelo HVAC services.

If we ever send a technician out that can not find the problem or feels like help is needed, then we can easily arrange for another technician to come out to your home to give your unit another set of eyes. This is just something we like to do just in case the previous technician might have overlooked something. This allows us to ensure that all your San Angelo HVAC repairs are taken care of.

The need of every customer is different and we try to take on every need of our customers. After being in business for more than 8 years we have learned to handle our customer’s needs. This is why when we send our certified technicians out to your home they will have a helper with them. This allows us to efficiently handle any issues that may occur. While we have our certified technicians working on your home the helper alongside him/her will be getting the experience necessary for future jobs on their own with a proper solution. This does not interfere with the technician’s work because the only difference between the technician and the helper is years of experience. This allows the helper to gain the experience necessary to be able to do jobs in the future on their own.

We want to ensure that technicians are ready to handle any job they might be sent on in the future. Your San Angelo HVAC repairs can be taken care of efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our technicians are trained until management feels they are ready to handle future jobs. Though just because our technicians have a helper with them, this does not make a technician better than the other. We just send the number of technicians for the job that we feel like the job requires. Call us at 806-367-9416 to take care of your San Angelo HVAC repairs.

We also go through our warranty company Fidelity which we handle their customers who are insured by Fidelity. We receive notifications once we receive the work order through our Fidelity portal. This allows us to quickly get to you and service your unit. Once we come in contact with the homeowner we will verify information that is provided from Fidelity. After we schedule the appointment we have our certified technicians come to your house to service your unit. We want to shorten the time that you will be without a unit as quickly as we can. The process of going through your warranty company can be frustrating.

Allow us here at Snow Bear Heat and Air to take care of your San Angelo HVAC repairs! Our staff will do their best to take the stress out of not having your unit working. We will always have the information that Fidelity proves us with. That way when you call into the office with questions about your work order, we will be able to provide you with the most recent information we have access to. When we communicate with the homeowner we put all that we discussed into the system for any future references.

One thing in your home that you notice when it is not functioning properly is your air conditioning. The summer heat will always increase the need of wanting your air conditioning to perform and maintain a comfortable temperature. When you want it to be fixed you will want a great company to do the job. Our customers usually find us online when searching for heating and air conditioning repairs. We love it when customers find our google page. That a way they can see why we are the #1 HVAC company in the area. The first thing our customers will see when they find our company page is that we are the first company on that list. Once you find our page and contact us you will notice right away why we are so highly rated.