What can you do with a $7 Diagnostic Fee? Well, it can be the beginning of a great experience that fixes your San Angelo HVAC system in the process. Our $7 diagnostic fee allows us to get a first look at your unit to figure out what is causing the issues you may be having. This also allows us to give you a quote prior to any work being done, so that the power remains in the customer’s hands if they would like to continue with the repair. Snow Bear Heat and Air understands the need to be sure of where your hard-earned money is going. We understand that things come up, birthdays are happening and holidays can be never-ending.

You can hold onto the quote and consider it before we expect any further payment. If or when you choose to continue, only then will payment be discussed and the work will be completed to the highest standard. We are a company based on hard work and perseverance. If there is a way to safely fix it, we will! And if a part needs replacement, we can do that too. We have many locations such as San Angelo, Lubbock, Waco, and our home base Amarillo, all in Texas. We also have Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Wichita Falls coming soon! You can expect the same great service at any location you choose to use. We can also assist you in installs, from the ground up, from existing equipment or just a few parts.

We give free over-the-phone estimates and are able to send a technician out just to verify everything we plan together is correct and as you want. We also offer many add-ons such as UV-lights, filters, secondary drain pans, Wi-Fi thermostats, copper lines, and ductwork upgrades. We even have maintenance plans for yearly “check-ups” for your unit. We visit twice a year before the beginning of the major seasons, clean everything, and ensure everything is working as it should. This helps your system have a longer life with fewer complications. We can also help code corrections if needed. However, if your San Angelo HVAC just needs to push to reach its full capacity, we also do tune-ups. These tend to the units and prepare everything for a run at full speed.

These are also recommended a couple of times a year or as your system needs them. The $7 Diagnostic fee can be the beginning of great things. We can join you on the adventure of helping your home reach its full potential. We offer services that will benefit you and your unit from the start of the process to the very end. We install, repair, and replace and all with the same intention – to assist our customers with optimal comfort. You can call any one of our locations and expect all the benefits named here. It all starts with a $7 Diagnostic Fee for our first-time customers to join the big family San Angelo HVAC is. We would be happy to discuss options with you and get some plans started today!

If you haven’t signed up for a maintenance plan, you’re missing out on extra life for your unit! Yearly or semi-yearly maintenance checks ensure your unit is running at its full capacity with no parts in jeopardy! It is a full inspection and/or cleaning of your unit. This can feel like just a small thing but can make such a large difference in your unit’s performance. It ensures that no parts are having issues keeping up or working with your unit, which prevents costly repairs. However, if a repair is needed, it can give you extra time to consider the repair, deal with payments and/or scheduling problems.

It saves you the headache of a last-minute breakdown of a part or your entire unit. Once we have diagnosed the issues, if there are any, we can begin grabbing parts, scheduling you and getting you back to a running unit! These maintenance checks are made for the simple fact of saving time and effort on your San Angelo HVAC system. If you are prepared for things to break, they usually don’t ever get to! We offer these maintenance plans or we offer tune-ups for your unit. Tune-ups are a check-up for your unit to
double-check everything is in working order. These, however, can range from time to time as the customer sees fit. This means that problems may start appearing, calling for a tune-up and a bigger issue can arise from it not being a regular event.

A tune-up can be great for your unit if it is not under a heavy workload usually or very old but they can still be used for those types of units as well. These checks can be beneficial for many reasons as they also provide safety precautions. HVAC units have many working parts with some pretty high-pressure ratings. Checking on such large machinery is recommended as to make sure everything is in its place, doing its part and working along with the other pieces of equipment. If anything is broken or failing, our technicians can pinpoint it and get it all in working order upon your approval. If you are interested in either of these services, you can call us at 806-367-9416 or visit our website snowbearair.com to learn about others.

We offer a $7 service fee to all new customers! We have multiple locations and if we are not near you, we do travel! If you would like to experience what Snow Bear Heat and Air can offer, just give us a call and we can diagnose your unit in no time. To us, it is not just about San Angelo HVAC. It’s about family, home and comfort. If your unit is not working properly, it gets in the way of more important issues! Call and discuss which type of maintenance plan may benefit you or schedule a tune up or diagnostic appointment! We have availability waiting for you!