Heating our homes can account for up to over 70 percent of our home’s energy consumption. When we reduce our energy consumption we can reduce our carbon footprint! This post will be some things you can do to help reduce heat loss and increase your home’s heating energy efficiency. Using light filtering energy efficient curtains and keeping them closed during the hottest parts of the day works great. You can use light filtering curtains if you would still like for some of the light to enter your home. When the sun is going down and it’s approaching dark, shut your curtains completely to help keep your heat in your home with a great San Angelo HVAC option! Curtains can also add another layer of insulation to your home which is needed to help keep your home heated during the winter months and us our new San Angelo HVAC services!

Insulation is a huge factor in your home’s heating efficiency. One of our heating and air conditioning repair services techs can take a look at your insulation and let you know if it will be sufficient or not get you through the winter season so you won’t be losing money or heat if it is not. You may want to check your home for any large gaps, cracks or holes anywhere heat can escape and cold air can enter your home. Other ways to prevent heat loss in your home is to make sure the damper on your fireplace is closed when not burning a fire. If you use a fireplace make sure to install tempered glass doors and or a heat exchange unit that blows warm air back into space it’s heating up with our San Angelo HVAC options.

This helps keep the warm air your heating unit has worked so hard to put into your home stays in your home. Also using programmable thermostats to lower and raise your heat is another way to help with your heating bill and its efficiency. By setting your thermostat to raise 30 minutes before you get up in the mornings and to lower when you go to bed at night will also help with these costs. Just make sure and not leave your heat up and heating your home all day when there is no one home, this is a huge waste in your home’s heating efficiency and can be a big hit to your pocketbook! Next, you may want to take into consideration the furniture placement in your home. If you have a wall or floor mounted furnace, I know it’s easy to wanna cuddle up next to where it’s warm but this is a bad idea! By doing this you could be, and more than likely are blocking heat flow to the rest of your home with a new San Angelo HVAC offer.

By moving your furniture back and a way for the unit will allow better heat flow through your home. If at any point you feel like none of these tips are helpful feel free to give us or one of our heating and air conditioning repair services techs a call and we can get you set up with an appointment to see what’s going on with your unit. The next step you can take is to make sure and maximize your insulation in your home. A place you can lose a lot of your home’s heat is actually through your roof! Once again just having one of our heating and air conditioning repair services techs come and take a look can give you the answers you need about your roof’s insulation condition and if you might need to have more insulation added to help with your heat loss through there.

As previously stated earlier programmable thermostats set 10 to 15 degrees cooler ( not warmer, remember this is during the winter ) during the day while you’re not at home is also another way to help with your heating costs. The smart programmable thermostats that you can control wireless ( like with your phone ) are the best way to go! You can set it and forget about it or if you forgot to turn it down when you left home just jump on your phone and get it set with our new San Angelo HVAC options! Our heating and air conditioning repair services techs can come and help you get your wireless or programmable thermostats programmed to a schedule that works great with your home and work schedule that way all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your comfortable

home temps! Next sealing any leaks around chimneys, around recessed lights, any unfinished spaces, or even in a closet where air can enter or escape is going to also benefit your home’s heating cost. Doing weather stripping or caulking around these areas is a reasonable price fix to these pesky little leaks that can be costing you big on your heating bill. Scheduling your annual service call with one of our heating and air conditioning repair services techs is a great way to get a jump on any and all of your heating systems issues. As with your air conditioning units replacing your heating systems filters regularly is highly recommended with our San Angelo HVAC solutions!

Here in West Texas where the wind and dirt blow on a daily basis, you may want to change your filters more than the recommended twice a year to at least every three months because they tend to clog up faster in these conditions. Last but not least it is highly recommended to have your unit professionally cleaned at least once a year by one of our heating and air conditioning repair services techs!

One more thing on a side note a highly asked question we come across is, “ Will turning my unit on and off during the day be cost-effective?” The answer is No! By doing this you are causing your unit to work extra-long and even harder to get the temperatures back up to where you feel comfortable. The lower the temperature is inside your home is during the day, the slower you will have heat loss. It is highly recommended for you as the homeowner to program your thermostats to between 68 and 73 while you are in the home with great San Angelo HVAC services.