Depending on whether or not you have a whole-home unit, one room unit or even window units follow these tips for keeping your air conditioning units running smoothly and properly so you and your home stay cool all season long! The first is to understand how your home’s air conditioning unit works. This is something that our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs can easily help you learn. Most all central air conditioning units have two basic parts: an outdoor unit ( the compressor/condenser) that is almost always positioned right next to the home and the indoor unit which is called the (evaporator) this is usually located in a central duct in a closet or attic next to the furnace. If you happen to have a heat pump instead of a furnace it will be located next to the air handler. If you need help locating either of these, one of our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs can easily talk you through how to locate them. You can vacuum the fins of your air conditioning unit (preferably with a soft bristle brush attachment because they are very fragile and can become bent an or crushed )! Some units you have to unscrew and lift off a metal lid type box to get to the fins. The major thing you should have checked by a San Angelo HVAC repair services techs would be your air conditioners pad. The site on which your unit sits on outside of your home. They will make sure that there is no strain on the copper coolant lines or electrical lines and that your unit is dry and level. The next step would be for you to get a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats are usually a must-have in today’s air conditioning technology world. These thermostats allow you and your family to easily set various temperatures at various times throughout the day and night. Automatically raising and lowering the temp levels in your home can help save your cooling bills without having to hover next to your thermostat. If at any point this becomes too overwhelming feel free to give one of our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs a call. They would be more than happy to assist you with any issues. Some tips for a noisy air conditioning unit would be, to first see how old your unit is. If it is newer chances are it’s coming from the compressor. Fans are usually quite most of the time, very quiet. Finding a sound blanket ( a universal model will work ) and placing it over the unit may help quiet the noise. Next, try checking for blockages in the condensate tube. This is going to be best served by having our San Angelo Hvac repair services techs do for you. If you ever come across water puddling around the furnace when the ac unit is running, you will more then likely have a clogged condensate drain tube. Bacteria can grow and form a sludge-like slime from the condensation in your air conditioning units coils causing this blockage. As the seasons get warmer, having a checklist to make sure your air conditioning unit is in its top-performing order to keep you and your family cool is just one of the many services our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs have to offer. One easy step you as the homeowner can take is to take out and change the filters on your home’s air conditioning unit. Here in West Texas, they can become full very fast with the dirt from the wind we have. You may also want to consider an attic fan. These fans help cool your home by pushing hot air accumulating in the attic while pulling in cooler air from the outside. If this might be something you would consider, give us a call and we will send over one of our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs to get you set up with a quote. Another good tip is to control the amount of heat that is entering your home through the windows and doors. Make

sure the open doors and windows are shut while your air conditioning unit is running. Covering your windows with blinds and or drapes during the hottest part of the day is a major help to your unit also. One preventative step you can take is to check the insulation on your unit. Doing this can improve your outdoor unit efficiency. By replacing damaged or rotten insulation can and will be a great help to your unit. The next step you can take in the care for your air conditioning unit is to use what’s called a fin comb. A fin comb is a great tool to use in separating the fins on smaller or single-room units. You’ll want to make sure to wear gloves while doing this to protect your hands from any accidentally being or getting cut during this process. Another step you can do yourself on your maintenance checklist is to deep clean your outside unit with a scrub brush. When doing this you will want to scrub off any and all crud that has built up in and or around your unit with a plastic bristle cleaning brush and a foam-like a cleanser. Be sure to make sure to also rinse all of this off really well afterward! When winding down the season, which for us West Texans isn’t usually until late October or early November, it is best to have one of our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs come out and winterize your air conditioning unit for you. Just to help insure when summer rolls back around you don’t have any surprises and will be able to stay cool and comfortable right off the bat ! Part of winterizing will be to use a piece of weighted plywood to help cover your unit in the offseason. Using a tarp to cover your unit is not a good idea for the following reasons: By using a tarp you can cause or induce rust. Using a tarp is not airtight so moisture gets trapped and can cause major issues. Also using the tarp is enticing to rodents to move their family into a new home so they are protected from the environment outside. Once they get settled into their new digs, they will proceed to gnaw away on your compressor’s wiring and insulation in and around your unit! When spring rolls around you are left with a smelly cleanup, a rust-covered unit, and a huge bill to have your wiring redone by one of our San Angelo HVAC repair services techs !!!