What is important to you when choosing a company that you want to go out to your home to provide the service that you need? Some people when they choose a company a major impact on their choice would be the pricing. Well why not choose our company Snow Bear Heat & Air if pricing is something that impacts your choices! We have a first time customer special that sets us apart from our competition and what most of our customers love that we offer! When you choose our company and you are a first time customer you get to take advantage of our first time customer special! We will go out to your home and diagnose the unit for only $7. This $7 covers the trip fee and the diagnosis of the unit so we can get you a price on what is needed to have your equipment up and running again. The great part about that special is that we actually donate the $7 to Another Chance House. We do not profit off the $7 and donate all of our first time customer diagnosis specials to Another Chance House. Allow us to save you money and not charge you high service your first time around! Allow us here at Snow Bear Heat & Air take care of all your Oklahoma HVAC needs!

Not only will we give you a good deal on your Oklahoma HVAC when you call into Snow Bear Heat & Air but you will also know that you are in good hands from the very start. Our trained staff will listen to what you have going on and you will automatically see that we care and that you are not just another customer to us. We want to make sure we hear you out and let us know what is going on with your equipment so we can further assist you. Our office staff will ask you several questions about your unit to see what is going on with your unit and just some general that will give our certified technicians will be better able to service your unit. You do not have to worry though if some of the questions you do not know! We only ask them just to gather more information so we can prepare on how to help you! This is why technicians are certified because once they arrive they will be able to find out what is going on with your unit and quickly help you resolve the issue.

We do not stop at repairs for our customers! We also do full installs for your Oklahoma HVAC for new builds or even replacements. If this is something you are interested in then we even do free in home quotes! Yes that right no charges for us to go out to your home and see what would be needed for your home. When a technician arrives they will ask you questions that will give them a better understanding of what you are needing. Then they will take pictures so we can put them on your customer profile so everyone at the office will know what it is you are needing. After gathering all the information they need then we will be able to provide you with a quote! We like to give our customers several options when we send over quotes since we do work with different brands. Then when sending the quote depending on the brand that you choose and feel like would work best for what you need at the home. This is what we call your good, better, and best option.

We like to make sure you know there is not only one choice when it comes to your Oklahoma HVAC for your home! Again when you choose your brand and we send out the quotes you will receive three options from us. The first choice is usually the standard option for you. So it will usually be a 14 seer unit. The seer of the unit just means how efficient the unit will be. The higher the seer the more efficient the unit is when you are running the unit for either heating or cooling. This quote will give you a rundown of what you will be getting and what will be coming with the install. If you need any electrical or plumbing modifications then no worries we can take care of that for you too! When we are out there to give you your quote we will be able to let you know if you will need those modifications and how much they will cost. The next two options in the quote will be a 16 seer and then the last varies from 18 seer to 20 seer depending on the brand you choose. We can ensure you have the right unit for you Oklahoma HVAC!

What else sets these quotes apart from each other would be of the higher seer units they have a motor called a 2 staged motor. What this motor does is that on a normal day when you just want it cool in your home when it is not too hot outside then your system won’t run at 100% but just to the need of the home! Then when you really want it to keep up with the summer heat then it will kick on the second stage of the motor and run at full capacity. This just allows you to save money on your electrical bill. I have seen customers’ bills cut down if not by half by at least a fourth! The system will not constantly be running at 100% but to the need of the home depending on the weather and what you call the system to do. Of course the furnace will be just as efficient! The furnace will be 80-85% efficient so basically it’s like .80 to .85 cent to the dollar! So of course the choice is completely up to you on what you would like to do for you Oklahoma HVAC!