When your equipment goes down and you need it fixed in a hurry and fixed right the first time around who would you call for your Oklahoma HVAC? Well let me tell you why you should call Snow Bear Heat and Air! We are the company when you call us to get on our schedule you already know from the start that you will be in good hands. When you call into the office you will notice straight away that our staff will quickly help resolve your problem. Our friendly staff will listen to what you have going on then quickly have you on our schedule to help resolve your problem. They will ask a couple of quick questions to see if we can help out the problems you are having with your Oklahoma HVAC. After we get you on our schedule our certified technicians will then inform you when they are on their way to your home to help diagnose the issue. The great part is that if you are one of our first time customers then you get to take advantage of our first time customer special! You can have us at your door and diagnosing your unit for only a $7 diagnosis fee! This covers the trip charge and us diagnosing your unit!

The great part is that we do not keep that $7 diagnosis fee! When the time comes we donate that check to a non profit organization called Another Chance Home. They help the homeless and primarily homeless vets or just men who have had it hard in life. This is where they can go to get the help they need to get back on track to be what they want in life. They have helped hundreds of men get back on their feet. So not only are you saving money when you choose to use Snow Bear Heat and Air for your Oklahoma HVAC but you are also helping a good cause. So why not choose the company who will not only save you money your first go around but will also put it to a good cause! Call us today so someone from our friendly staff can get you on our schedule to have your HVAC running the way you need it to for you and your family and really find out just how much we care about the jobs we do.

You will notice that when you choose the company Snow Bear Heat and Air you will not only have your Oklahoma HVAC taken care of but you will be treated the correct way every time. Here at Snow Bear our staff is always energetic and ready to help you to the best of our ability! When you call into our office it will be the same experience every time because that is how our staff is trained! They are trained to make sure that each customer is treated with high energy and as friendly as possible! We understand that when issues like this happen to your HVAC it is not a pleasant experience. This is something that no one wants to happen to them especially when you need your equipment to work the most. We understand that you have a family and someone that you need to take care of in your home and not having a working system is not a situation for you and your family. So why not trust the company that will really care about you and your family and not just see you as someone who we can make some profit off.

With our values you will know that you are in good hands the second you choose Snow Bear Heat and Air for your Oklahoma HVAC. We have trained and experienced technicians that are ready to help you 24/7! Yes you saw that right! We are a 24/7 company that is ready to help when you need it most! That means anytime you call into our office someone will be ready to help you! We can get you on the schedule so when you need your equipment ready to perform when you need it most you need to choose the company that will have you ready to go for the season we are in! They can have you up and going within the same day in most cases because the great part about our technicians is they have universal parts on hand! So they can fix a part on your unit the same day. This cuts down the time from them having to leave your house and get the part needed for the repair! If the universal part is not for your unit then do not worry! We have many vendors that we can come in contact with to help find the part for your unit!

We understand how important it is to have your equipment up and running at all times. Especially here in Oklahoma when your air conditioner does not run right you can feel it. We know how frustrating it is when you walk into your home and it is about as warm inside as it is outside. We do understand that some people have health issues and really need to be serviced. You need that unit ready to perform when you need it. So when you need it fixed right the first time and fast who do you call? Well for your Oklahoma HVAC needs you should call Snow Bear Heat & Air. We want you back in your home as fast as possible. We know that no one wants to be without an air conditioner in Oklahoma heat. So we will quickly have you put on our schedule so we can have you up and running in your home. We do not want to waste time from leaving your home and going to the past store. The only situations that would stop us from coming back to your home would be if the part store is closed or we have to order a specific part for your unit. Call us today so he can have you back in home ready to go for this Oklahoma heat.