Snow Bear Heat and Air are the service provider of Home Depot. This is why when our customers go through Home Depot they are directed to us. We get notification as soon as our customer signs up through Home Depot. We will confirm the information we receive and enter more information that is required. This is when we try to take care of your Oklahoma heating and air conditioning repairs. This is something that you will never have to be alone during this process. When it comes to payments we offer great financial options. The first one we recommend is through Home Depot especially for our Home Depot card holders customers. If you feel like this is not some you could fill out on your own, our staff will be more than happy to assist you in filling out this application. The great thing about these applications is that we can give our customer an instant response on whether they were approved or declined. Though we can not tell our customers why they are declined if they are. This does not stop us from trying to get the financial help you might need. The second option can be accessed from our website and click on our financial tab. This is just some that you can fill out on your home or we will gladly help with. This is why customers love that we are making sure they are taken care of from start to finish.

Though people can go to Home Depot and have their information entered for us to take care of your Oklahoma heating and air conditioning repairs. These are some thoughts that we do not try to take care of from the office. We send our friendly staff to Home Depot to offer more information to our customers. We set up a table in the HVAC department of Home Depot. This way if customers go there looking for HVAC help we can offer help right there on the spot. Though we are there to help customers if they need some help, we are also handing out information to customers that are passing by. We love to offer our new customers the $7 diagnosis and will gladly get them on our schedule. We try to have someone from the office go to the store at least once every two weeks. We bring information with us to the stores so our customers can get the most accurate information we have to date. Our friendly office staff can take care of any questions you may have. This is some that we have set up with Home Depot. We come in contact with management to set up a time that would be best for them and us.

The financial options are something that customers may have questions about. The cost for any Oklahoma heating and air conditioning repairs prices can be a concern for our customers. This is why we offer 2 great financial options for our customers. The first one we like to try for customers is through Home Depot. They offer a great option of 24 months 0% interest. This is great for our customers because it is the same as cash. Our customers can fill this out on their own or will gladly help you fill out this application. Our office staff will not be able to tell you why they were declined. The next option would be Foundation Finance if the Home Depot application was declined or that you would rather go through this choice. They offer terms from 2 years to 10 years and this is decided when you fill out the application. You can access this application through our website under the finance tab. We can also help you with this application process if you like. Though for both of these applications our office staff will ask for your permission before asking you for any information.

The staff at Snow Bear Heat and Air are well picked to make sure they fit what we are. The office manager, Karen Kirby, makes sure that the office staff are ready to handle any issue that may arrive at the office. Karen is big on office communication. She wants everyone to be on the same page when it comes to goals, work ethic, and office responsibilities. Karen has daily communication with everyone at Snow Bear heat and Air, but during the day she is at the office with staff while the technicians are out on their calls for the day. She tries to do activities with her staff to improve office morale and build up teamwork in the office. If anyone around the office needs any help, she not only wants you to ask for help but she encourages it. This way the staff are able to learn from it and continue to improve in the office. Karen works hard to ensure that her staff can help you with all your Oklahoma heating and air conditioning repairs.

The owner, Daniel Ramos, does let the manager, Karen Kirby, handle the everyday office staff. Daniel has worked hard to make Snow Bear Heat and Air what it is today and Karen alongside when she joined the company. This hard work allows Daniel to leave the office and take care of jobs we have scheduled. This allows Daniel to take care of your Oklahoma heating and air conditioning repairs. He is able to assist any of the technicians on their calls if they feel like they might need an extra set of eyes. If any of our technicians have a question about their current call, they can get a hold of Daniel and he will gladly help in any way that he can. Though Daniel does not only focus on the technicians but he is really involved with the office staff. Daniel enjoys when they call him from the office with any questions they might have. He takes out time from his schedule to be around the office as much as he can. While he is at the office Daniel is able to update with Karen and check around the office to ensure everyone is ready to tackle the day and any of your Oklahoma heating and air conditioning repairs.