We are ready to help serve you in Oklahoma City to take care of your Oklahoma heat and air and have you ready for whatever season you need. We work on all central heat and air units that you have but do not work on window units or wall units. We are certified for central heat and air so working on those units will never be a problem for us to find out what is going on with your unit. No matter the issue we will be able to help you with what is going on at the moment. Our team is ready to take care of your Oklahoma heat and air needs! If you feel like you need your unit is checked and prepared for the year this is something we can take care of for you. We have specials going on that will help you save money when you are ready to get this done. If you just feel like the unit needs to be looked at to find out what is going on with it then we have a special for that as well. Call us today at 405-653-9400 to get on our schedule and allow us to take care of you today!

If you are looking for a tuneup then look no further than Snow Bear Heat and Air for your Oklahoma heat and air needs. When you call into the office our team will assist you and find out what you need so we can better service you. After our office staff ask you some questions then we can figure out what you need. Though if you are calling in for a tune up we do have a special to have this taken care of for you. A tune up with us usually cost anywhere from 90-95 dollars to have it performed on your unit. We are currently having a special where it will only cost you $45 to have your unit ready for the season. A $45 appointment will get you a tune up on either your ac or furnace. If you want both done then we can arrange that to be taken care of. We will have your unit ready for the summer or winter so you will not have to worry about it when it comes the time to have your unit ready to perform.. You can rest easy knowing that you had Snow Bear take care of your Oklahoma Heat and Air!

When you set up a tune up we will do a complete check up of the unit. Our team has a checklist they have to fill out when they go out to your home to make sure it is ready to perform with the season changes. Just so you have a brief breakdown of what will be done on your unit so you know what to expect when we go out there. We will tighten and screw the lug terminals in the condensing unit. We will inspect the contractor for pits or burns and check the amp on the condenser motor. We will take a look at your fan blade to check for cracks or defects on the blade to inform you if that needs to be replaced. After we will check the bearings on the condenser motor and lubricate if needed. Then we will inspect the indoor coil and check the condensate drain pan. This is to ensure that they are draining properly the way it is intended to. We will check the high and low pressure then make sure your refrigerant level is good and can top off if needed.

Then we will check for any unusual vibrations or loose parts around the unit and tighten if needed. Will check for proper air flow on the evaporator coil. If needed because some units do not need this especially the new units we will lubricate the furnace/boiler or air handler but this is only if needed. We will definitely check to make sure this is something that you may need. We will clean your outdoor coil and get out any debris that may be around your unit. After all this is done we will then check just the overall operation of the system. This is what you would expect for a spring tuneup! As you can see we will prepare you for the big season changes so there will be no need to worry when it comes around. This also allows us to catch any problems before they happen. So we can give you a quote on those repairs and get them taken care of the day if we have those parts on hand. The good thing about our technicians is that we have universal parts on hand so we do not have to leave and we can have it done for you as soon as possible. Allow us to have your Oklahoma heat and air ready for the seasons.

We are prepared to take care of your Oklahoma heat and air with whatever you may need! With those universal parts we can have you taken care of sooner than most companies can since we do not have to wait for those parts to come in. This makes it where we have to take less trips from your home to the supplier. So if this is something you want to move forward with, our technician will be able to collect the payment or someone from our office will give you a call to collect the payment to get this done for your Oklahoma heat and air! We can either take the full payment or half payment just to get the job started! Once the job is completed then we will process the second half of the payment. The installs do come with year warranties but any job we do will come with a 30 day labor warranty! This is just because if anything does go wrong we will go back out there and honor our work to make sure what we did was okay! So call us today so we can take care of you!