We are thriving and we want you to be a part of it! Help us help you! Heating and air
conditioning is our speciality and we want to help you reach optimal comfort! There is nothing
better than coming home knowing your comfort is guaranteed. Home is where all your things
are, belongings and family, and you want to make sure they are taken care of. We understand
that comfort can be, in certain categories, expensive to maintain. However, we have options! Let
us tell you about our good, better and best and allow us to explain why all 3 options are solid
choices. Walking into the decision of what kind of heating and air your home will need, you
could never guess the options that are readily available. There are endless possibilities! We are
confident we can match you with exactly what you need for your family and yours needs!
Midland Odessa heat and air does it differently! There’s no reason your family can’t live in
comfort no matter the climate outside! Your unit’s efficiency should match the workload and we
can make sure of that! Call us today to find out more about our process!

Snow Bear Heat and Air is a shop you can trust. We have been a local business for
years in many other locations and are excited to become a known name here in Midland
Odessa heat and air. We understand that you want to feel confident in the company you are
hiring so we want to make sure we provide you with the best of service so that trust can be built
up over time and create a lasting partnership. We appreciate each and every one of our
customers and want to make their lives more comfortable long after we are done with our visit.
Please feel free to read our abundant google reviews, and see for yourself how well we do
Midland Odessa heat and air. We also have a list of references if you are looking to get your
equipment replaced. We would love to gain your business and trust. The list of references is a
list of passed customers who have purchased full pieces of equipment with us, gotten the perks
of labor warranties and maintenance plans and would love to tell you more about us and the
level of service we provide. These customers trust us and are willing to vouch for us to you! This
list can be received with a quote straight to your email.

Snow Bear Heat and Air is owned by an expert technician. Our Midland Odessa heat and air services are top notch! We call him the sensei of our
HVAC world. He grew up in the world of HVAC and now is a top competitor in the area and
others. He knew in high school that he wanted to be a man of the trades and started pursuing
HVAC. It is unbelievable how natural this all comes to him. He is truly wired to be a technician
and can come up with many creative ways to solve issues you may be having. He is also an
expert at solving even the weirdest of complex problems. He may be the owner but he is always
available to help our technicians and office staff to assist in questions we may have when
encountering new situations. He also attends each meeting at the beginning of the day to go
through issues from the day prior or teach new lessons to help with new technology surfacing in
the HVAC world. He also goes through the day’s schedule with the technicians so they each
know what to expect through the day. He is a huge part of this company, not only because he is
the owner but because he makes sure to be part of the team every day. Midland odessa heat and air
will just be another thing we conquer with him.

Snow Bear Heat and Air is a company based on small town morals and big city dreams.
We hope to impress you with our great work ethic and knowledge. Our technicians are certified
and licensed to do their work to the newest set standards and regulations. We will always be
safe around you, your home and your family. We go out with no other mission than to help you
with your Midland Odessa heat and air issues. Our technicians go out to diagnose for just $7.
This lets them find out what is going on with the unit and be able to provide you with a quote for
the repairs your unit will need. Depending on the parts needed, we can either get the job done
that day or get back out there as soon as the materials are available. Midland Odessa heat and air
is a bigger world for us but is it something we are very excited to take on in the coming time.
If you have any questions for us, we would be happy to answer them. 806-367-9416 is our main
office number and we would be glad to assist you in the transition. Give us a call to find out

We don’t only do repairs, we also do installations. We can start from scratch starting with
all new ductwork, and a new system, or we can start with what you have and modify as
necessary. We can judge where we are when we go out for your free consultation! We offer free
in-home consultations so that we may be able to specifically identify what all you need or you
can send us pictures/videos to show us highlighted problem areas and areas you think need
assistance. Once we have seen everything we need to, we can go ahead and build a quote for
what your install may need. If you have any further ideas as we continue, we would be happy to
reevaluate the new additions and continue from there. Let us know what you think and how you
would like to move forward, this is our career but it is your home, and at the end of the day, it is
your choices that make it perfect for you! So choose us to help you through this process of
picking your Midland Odessa heat and air equipment. Snow Bear Heat and Air is a 7 day
company so we are ready to start the journey.