We as a company are always trying to grow not only as a company though! We have
daily meetings with the staff at the office to make sure that everyone is always on the same
page. We want to be ready to help you with your Lubbock HVAC needs to be taken care of.
Daniel also has weekly training with his technicians to make sure they are caught up to date
with all of the latest information and ready to handle any call they are sent on. Though with this
being said we do have some technicians who are stronger at some points than others. This is
why we send two technicians to your home so we can have two sets of eyes ready to diagnose
your unit. We want to be able to find the right problem with your unit so you know the repairs so
you know you are going to get what you need done right the first time. We also guarantee our
work for Lubbock HVAC for 30 days! So since we can not put warranty on pieces of equipment
we add this just so you know that these repairs will take care of the issue.

When it comes to your units for Lubbock HVAC installs we can put warranty on these.
This is great for homeowners because this can give you a piece of mind that when you put this
big investment for your home. We throw in 3 great warranties for your Lubbock HVAC
equipment. The first warranty we throw in is a 10 year part warranty. The first 10 years you will
be covered if any piece of your equipment breaks down. The only part that does not come in the
10 year part warranty is freon. This is because freon is based on flat rate fees so this is not
included in the 10 year part warranty. Then the next warranty is a labor warranty. This just
depends on the brand of equipment that you get when it comes to labor warranties. This
warranty makes it where if you need us to come back out to your home you will not have to pay
for us to come back out. The last warranty that we throw in is just because we want to throw it
with you. This is called the maintenance warranty that has us come out to your home 2 times a
year to prepare you for those big season changes.

A unit we as a company recommend for Lubbock HVAC is Champion. This piece of
equipment is made by the same people who make York. This equipment is rated top 3 in the
HVAC industry and for good reasons. They make their equipment so it will save you money in
the long run and last you for the long run! They have a high seer rating which means you will
notice it does not have to run as much to cool your home. Also no more loud noises when your
unit is running. They have designed their units to be much quieter while they are on. This is not
all! Since they do have a higher seer rating it will also save you money on that monthly bill.
Some of the older units have to run longer and more frequently to keep your home cool which
causes higher bills each month. You will have new top of the line equipment installed for your
home ready to perform the way you want it to for years to come. Why not make a great
investment that will save you money and be great for your home!

What do you need for your Lubbock HVAC needs for your home? Well why not choose
our company and see if we can be any help. We work on central heat and air for your home. We
do not work on cars or windows units though. We can also look at your ductless unit if you have
those as well. Well why not trust us to send out a certified technician to find the problem right
the first time. We will also always recommend what we think will be the best fix for your home.
Some places will try to just give you an easy fix that might not even be the problem and only be
temporary. They will have to come to your home again and again charging you more and more
each time they come out. Why not go with us who are going to give you the best honest work for
your home. We are so confident in our technicians that we even guarantee their work for 30
days. We know that we provide honest hard work for our customers and they are getting the
best service we can provide each time we are out.
We can provide all these excellent services is why so many people decide to choose us
for their Lubbock HVAC repairs or installs. They know when they call into the office we have a team
ready to solve your problems you are having with your unit. We have fully trained staff ready to
listen to what you have going on and come to a solution to help you. We understand the
frustrations that come when you do not have your unit working the way it should. A lot of people
are staying home and noticing that they have to use their unit more often. Especially here in
Texas you notice when your unit is not cooling the way it should. We can have you on our
schedule as soon as possible.

Though sometimes we do work with a full schedule and getting
you on there can be tough sometimes. This does not stop us from trying to help you though. We
can have you on what we call the urgency list. This is something we can put on your profile so if
someone cancels or our technicians are just running a little ahead that day we can move you to
a sooner date to have your needs met. Call us today to see how we can help you.