Air handler units can be referred to as A.H.U’s. They are meant for larger, commercial or
industrial size buildings like one is a bigger city like Lubbock HVAC systems. They are very large
themselves so they do have grills on each end (inlet and outlet) so as they are sucking in air, no
objects can be caught in the interior mechanical parts. Furthermore, they have filters that catch
dirt and dust before it can pile up and restrict air flow. These filters also have pressure switches
that allow the engineers to know when they are too dirty and need to be replaced. They also
have dampers on each side as well to control how much air the unit is distributing. They can
close or open completely or somewhere in the middle depending on the temperature set on the
thermostat. They are usually located on the roof, basement or on multiple floors. An older
A.H.U would not have any ductwork and would be fairly inefficient due to the air not having a
direction or zone. It would also be a single unit on an entire building. A newer A.H.U., however,
would have ductwork directing the air to each designated zone. Our Lubbock HVAC team will let you know what options are available, what would be best, and how much everything costs, so you are not in the dark for any decision!

There would also be multiple units spread throughout the building sharing the workload.
These are great units for Lubbock HVAC as they are more efficient and distribute air a lot more
evenly. An A.H.U works on the same principle of any heating and air unit. It takes air from
outside, sets it to the temperature you would like, and pushes it into the designated zone. Some
may also have additional ductwork that will push the “used” air back out of the building or back
into the unit to be recycled. These units can heat and cool air in many ways. The simplest
A.H.U’s have a supply fan. There are centrifugal and EC fans. Centrifugal fans are mostly what
is in older and today’s units, however, EC fans are starting to replace them. If you live in an area
that reaches below freezing temperatures often, the A.H.U. probably includes a pre-heater. This
is basically an electric heater that warms the air once it hits around 6 degrees celsius so that
when it enters the actual unit, it will not freeze the internal equipment. If it was not there, the
cold could burst the heating and cooling coils.

These units can also come with humidity control. There is a sensor by the outlet to
measure moisture in the outgoing air. If that measurement is low, a humidifier will turn on to
release moisture. As you can see, these units are capable of doing a lot for a building. They are
built for a large workload and are only getting better technology as the world keeps growing and
needing them. If you are in business for Lubbock HVAC and need to replace your old air
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We offer many types of units, but if you are in the business of running your own
business, this may be what you are needing. These units can be very efficient and although
larger than residential units, they still can perform at the best of rates and cool your office
building like a normal residential home. Here at Snow Bear Heat and Air, we expect ourselves
to perform the best service on any job. We want to help you reach your Lubbock HVAC goals
and help you create a comfortable work environment for your employees. You also have
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love knowing we have helped the city grow and welcome in the surrounding neighbors! Lubbock
HVAC is important to all businesses as we are a Texan need. In these high temperatures,
customers need a fresh breeze of air as they walk in from that harsh sun. They also need a
blast of warm air when they come in those colder months! In these areas, those colder days can
be brutal and can be hard to outrun, so make sure you are staying ready for your people! They
need a place that is going to fight whatever weather they are trying to escape from! Your
business is an opportunity for an experience, let’s make it a great one! Now is the time for your
Lubbock HVAC to be its greatest!

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